Thanksgiving for Financial Restoration, Favor, Grace and Guidance.

by Joseph ()

Dear Father in Heaven, Hallowed be thy name, your name be always honored as Holy. I pray on this day with our friends and partners on Crosswalk to thank you for answered prayers, for your grace, guidance and restoration in my finances that has provided me with a new smart phone and money to get a flight ticket back and travel document ordered. Thank you Father Lord for my bodily healing, for increasing my strength, my confidence in you, my level of faith, my trust in you, for your favor upon my life, for your Holy Spirit and for the blessings and answered prayers. Thank you for your Angels who guide me with signs giving me a clear direction of my tomorrow and saving me from the dangers ahead. Father I thank you for your covenant of divine protection upon my life and for making a way for me sooner than I had hoped for this new year. I am truly grateful for your steadfast love towards me and for speaking with me. Thank you God of my salvation for being here with me and for a second chance to start a new beginning. Please forgive me for my agitation by evil doers, my rage and anger against evil voices, regulating powers, destiny exchangers, angry neighbour’s/powers mocking me and your enemies that are all around me who are more in number. Thank you Lord for the blood of Jesus that has broken the curse, redeemed my glorious destiny and subdued satanic agents and your enemies who consult together against me and thy protected ones. I love thee Lord, my refuge, fortress, shield, strong deliverer, stronghold, horn of salvation and mountain where I seek refuge. Thank you God of my Father’s for your grace released upon me, for my temperance, self control and for helping me to replace my bad habits with good ones. I could not have done this by my strength and wisdom and so I take this time to thank you for everything both good and hard in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Thank you God for your goodness and faithfulness in my life, family and ministry. I am ever so grateful for your abundant mercies and unfailing promises in Jesus name. Please forgive me DAD when I feel anxious about my future. I thank you for your Prophet and the devotion I use daily and for the results I am experiencing in my ministry and health. Lord I end this prayer with my personal request to you to please grant me success in my plans and journey mercies back to England at the end of this month, to inherit all that I lost as a result of satanic diviners and enchanters. Restore all they stole from us, to receive a restoration of favor in all areas, my health & wellbeing, money, housing, academics, career, glory, success, helpers, business opportunities, honor, fame and peace of mind from the battle I wage which ends in praise. Please save me and take me back home to the safety my soul is longing for in Jesus Christ powerful name. Please forgive me my sins and strike with blindness and paralysis the wicked and my adversaries from the pit of hell pursuing my soul and stubbornly persistent in destroying my life and testimony . Save me from untimely death, accidental death and betrayal in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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