Thank You

by Simone (Philippines)


I have so many things to say to you but even before I open my mouth i know you already knew..
I have sinned Oh Lord but You still have forgiven me..
I deserved to be punished but You still have blessed me..
I should have been rejected but you embraced & welcomed me..
I should have been in hell by now but you still gave me strength & let me live my life to make up for my sins for me to be with you soon in heaven..
I was about to give up, but you lifted me..
I turned my back on you but still you faced me..
I was in the dark, but you gave me light..
I was trapped with my past but you taught me how to slowly move on..

You’ve done so much and yet all i can do is to say THANK YOU.

Please be the driver of my life from now on..

I love you.