Thank you for all the blessings of good health

by Alice (Philippines)

Dear God, thank you for all the blessings of good health, daily provisions and daily protection to my family and to our small business that You have blessed upon us. Thank you Dear God that You have been my Comforter, my Healer and my Refuge. I cannot thank you enough Dear God for your Son, Jesus Christ who died for my sins and have saved me from my sins.

Dear God, i continue to pray for your provision, i laid upon your feet my financial problems, though it is somewhat shameful to ask more from you yet i am praying that tonight Dear God you will bless me and give me favor that i will win the jackpot prize of 6/55 grand lotto draw. They said you do not favor gambling but i know everything is possible in Your Name Dear God.

I will be waiting for your reply and great favor, for In Your Name i put my Faith and trusted You.

In Jesus Name i pray with much thanksgiving and Praise, Amen.

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