Steadfastness &Healing

by Sandra ()

I am standing in the need of a lot of prayers for a whole bunch of people including myself. Prayers are needed for all of my loved ones from the youngest to the oldest in all areas of their lives especially concerning their Salvation and coming to know or recognize Jesus as their LORD & SAVIOR too. Prayers are desperately needed for all my neighbors, my work colleagues, our clients, patients, residents or customers from the medical or healthcare fields to other fields of employment. Prayers are always needed for everyone’s protection & provision & persistence in doing GOD’S WILL, PLAN & PURPOSE in all of our lives(that’s for all believers in CHRIST JESUS, OUR LORD & OUR SAVIOR, as well as for unbelievers or those who are lost, back-sliders, fallen away(in a process of falling away, that we as believers in CHRIST) pray for them, help them, assist them in their struggles when needed, and help by prayers(lots of prayer to the FATHER) to intervene and restore them by being there through lots of prayers & encouragement and sometimes just being there by visiting them or calling or texting or emailing them whenever GOD’S SPIRIT prompts us or if they ask for help. Prayers are always needed for all of our clergy, our church families, volunteers, and all of our missionaries here in America & around the globe. Prayers are always needed for all of us to stay connected to GOD and with each other through bible study, prayer & fasting whenever needed. Prayers are always needed that WE STAY STRONG IN THE LORD & WALK OR THRIVE TO WALK IN OBEDIENCE towards HIM or through HIM(JESUS) strengthening all of us to do so In HIS STRENGTH. Prayers are always needed for all who are hurting, the sick, lost, broken in many ways from A to Z, and many other ways too. Prayers are always needed for all of our children(worldwide from A to Z)no matter what, the devil is targeting all of our children as well as us too. Prayers are always needed for the homeless, those who are addicted to all types of addictions from A to Z that ONLY JESUS can break those strongholds coming from the enemy of our souls, that’s everyone who are struggling, it does not matter whether they are believers or not, all due to a fallen broken and sinful world. Prayers are needed for all the aged especially those over 70 years old too. Prayers are always needed for all of our persecuted church families around the globe especially in the middle east, Asia, Africa, and Ukraine and other countries where persecution of Christians is going on. Prayers are needed for always GOD’S GUIDANCE, DIRECTION, STRENGTH, COURAGE,ENDURANCE, PEACE OF MIND IN THE MIST OF THE STORMS OR SPIRITUAL BATTLES coming at us at full speed at times, PRAYERS are SO STRONG, GOING TO THE FATHER & PRAYERS DO WORK, I can testify. WE need GOD at all times and stay focus on HIM 24/7 non-stop, everlasting forever. Prayers are always needed for all of our civil servants such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, our military here and abroad, that they will allow GOD to GUIDE & PROTECT THEM. Prayers are needed for all of our leaders here in our own country and around the globe as well as our countries that we get back to GOD and do not abandon HIM at all. Prayers are needed for everyone in this whole wide world from A to Z, I can always use a lot of prayers due to a few health issues as well as spiritual warfare battles too. You all are always in our prayers too.
Thank you very much
Sister in Christ & Prayer Warrior in Christ

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