Save our Relationship


I ask that you please bless my realtionship as things have gotten complicated and we seem to be arguing all the time, there’s lots of disrespect, anger, rage and frustration, etc. I know that we are still deeply in love but It’s exhausting treating each other this way. Please help us to communicate better, love better, to be honest and loyal as well as comitted to one another and get this relationship back on track for good. Help us to become closer to you GOD and become the man and woman that you created us to be, so that we may be the best to one another through you and your Word, so we can move forward towards marriage. Please rid us of our nasty negative, un-godly behaviors and allow us to forgive one another for the hurt and pain caused and to live in the present and to give our whole hearts unconditionally, without fear. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

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