Save my marriage

by Irene (SG)

My husband and I have been having many fights over the past few years. In the past 4 years, my work has consumed me so much and I have neglected him. We have not communicated or be intimate and this has affected our relationship seriously. In January this year, we had a major blow up and it was my wake up call. He asked for space and time and started doing things which he has not done before. It has created a lot of insecurity in me and caused me to ask him even more questions. It totally irked him and felt that I can’t give him space. I also can’t control my emotions and I become hysterical when I can’t seem to get him to understand my needs. I think my husband is in a crisis. He told me that he needs to find himself. He feels lost and confused and he doesn’t know what to do. His work, his family especially his brother whose wife recently had a relapse of cancer. He says that the whole world sucks. While he had earlier said to me that we’ll try to work on our issues/relationship, something that happened on Tuesday seemed to have made him change his mind. He said that I was checking up on him when I rang his friend whom he was with to just ask how he was. He felt his space encroached. On Thursday morning, while I was asking him for time for me to adjust to the situation and to learn how to give him time and space, he suddenly told me that “what if I say that this is over”? I pleaded with him to try and give our relationship another chance. He did admit before that he has not tried hard enough and that he is tired. He is a lot of pain and I don’t think he even knew what he was saying to me. While I am deeply hurt, I am worried for him. He has packed up some things and have left home. I am afraid that he will leave me and not give this relationship a best last shot or a fighting chance. I love him very much.

1. For my husband to be able to work out his issues rationally and wisely and soon. And that he will seek professional counselling help soon to help him work out those issues. I am afraid that the longer he leaves it and tries to deal with it himself, he will be lost even more. I also pray that God will soften his heart for him to find his love for me again and for him to see another chance in our marriage.
2. For me to be able to handle my emotions better, self-security and the “need to know” side of things and to work through my issues. I am already seeking counselling. For me to remove my feelings of fear which I have at nights and in the mornings when I wake up and what might the future holds and to be able to find stability, strength and happiness within myself.
3. For our relationship and our marriage to have another chance. To be able to reconcile and work through things and be stronger in our relationship. To be able to rediscover each other again. I love him and miss him so much. I want to change and be better and be there for him. I pray that the Lord will soften his heart and grant him wisdom to see that our marriage deserve another chance and that he doesn’t just give up on us just like that. I pray for the Lord’s divine intervention and miracle for us.

Thank you for your prayers. Lord, hear my prayers, please. Please pray for our reconciliation.