Salvation and Healing

by Barbara Stewart (Canada)

Please pray and thank God for the time God allowed me to have with cats Minou and Sylvestor Fluffy.

Please pray for God to heal me of the pain of being separated from them. Please pray for God’s guidance as to whether or not I should get another cat.

There seem to be cats suddenly available for me, but I’m not sure I could withstand the pain of another loss so soon. Please pray.

On the other hand God gave me immense joy and uplifting through these (and previous in my life) pets, even to keeping me from committing suicide, so please pray for God’s wisdom to prevail.

Please pray and thank God for the three places Marie and Andy found that might be good for Marie to live in. Also please pray and thank God that Marie is weller and her epilepsy seizures are not as bad as before.

Thanks to God for lifting up Andy to help Marie so kindly.

Please pray for my sister Diana. Thanks to God for wisdom God gave through the doctor that Diana was NOT to have physiotherapy on her left buttock, hip or leg, as her pain there is from a herniated disc at L4.

Please pray and thank God that Diana agrees with the doctor about this. She was very gungho on physiotherapy before and nothing I said or did changed her mind. But fortuneately she listens to what the GP doctor says, so thanks to God for that.

Please pray that God will cause the GP doctor to give to Diana a complete list of ALL the nerves that are pinched and suffer nerve compression, PLUS the results from her myelogram, and to see by God’s grace whether any of the pinched nerves could in any way ALSO be contributing to 1. her inability to utilize her right hand normally, it just won’t function properly 2. the pain in her upper middle back in between her shoulder blades, the pain is intractable and she is on WAY over limit amount of painkillers for it, but if the pain is from pinched nerves not from arthritis inflammation only, then it is no wonder no amount of painkillers will stop the pain.

That would mean either surgery or alternative health remedies could remove the excess calcium deposits pinching the nerves and Diana’s pain could be gone!

Please pray as this has been driving me insane – literally, I’ve been in the mental hospital over it, and needed daily mental health workers to come into my home, plus I’ve been crying and emoting and feeling a lot of grief, a great deal of it over Diana’s situation.

Please pray for God to bring God’s wisdom and knowledge to bear on this, and to give Diana the graces of humility and moral courage so that she will face whatever the neurologist tells her on January 11th, 2011, and she will be calm and do what is best under the situation. Right now she seems to be in denial and thinks (hopes, wants) physiotherapy to solve everything BUT IT WON’T.

She will need surgery or alternative health treatment (or a direct miracle from God) or all the preceding together, but physiotherapy will NOT cure her herniated disc at L4, nor other dysfunction, and who knows how much worse it can get if she remains stubbornly in denial and will not accept help. In the Old Testament in Wisdom I think it says that we are “to do what the doctor says”, obviously not to go and jump off a cliff, but to listen to the wisdom and knowledge that God has given to the doctor. Please pray that Diana will not be willful and that she will listen to what the doctors say, especially the neurologist on January 11, 2011.

Please pray for this appointment. It is crucial crucial crucial.

Please pray for me also as I am a nervous wreck over all this, I sincerely want to help Diana, but she fights me tooth and nail. And her toothes and nails are very long and sharp! (She can be quite sarcastic and full of rage and hate and takes it out on me).

I feel like forgetting the whole thing but then I can’t because she’s my family member and I know she just acts like she does because she’s afraid.

Who wouldn’t be, with her options being paralyzed from the pinched nerves getting worse and the nerve being severed, or a major operation.

Please pray that if she DOES need an operation, that God will guide the hands of the neurosurgeon and anyone else involved (nurses, etc.) and that God will see to it that Diana will not die from the anaesthetic (sometimes people do).

Please pray for salvation for Diana.

Please pray for me for salvation, healing of human spirit, mind, subconscious, body, living situation (it has improved thanks to God), relating to people, and finances. Please pray so I will have focus to pray, also return to Mass attendance, and someday return to daily Mass and Eucharist.


Please pray for my family, deceased Alex, Virginia, Marion and living Diana, David, Jayson, plus Uncle John, Aunt Hazel, all the cousins, nieces, nephews, and all others.
Please pray for all those that God has brought across my path and or placed on my heart and or mind.

Thanks to any and all who pray for these intentions, for any other intentions on this prayer site or any other.

May God bless all who pray. Praise Jesus Christ Who is God!

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