Remove my laziness and make me become the best student ever, i want to become a med student in June 2025

by Anju ()

Dear God, i need your help. Sometimes, i really can’t get focused on my work, I’m constantly distracted, I’m only very productive when i go to the library, but i discovered it a little bit too late. I used to have some sort of panic attack and anxiety, and also difficulty to breath in the end of January, but fortunately i no longer have these panic attack (sometimes it happens that i have shortness of breath or some palpitations but it’s not like before) so I’m really greatful. That’s why i was reluctant to go to the library du to my condition, but it has been a few days since i go to the library and I’ve discovered an incredible side of mine since i study there. The only problem is that tomorrow i have an exam and I’m fully not prepared ! Today the library was closed so i had no choice than study at home, and i couldn’t concentrate, there is too much material to study, and additionally i have to study immunology of the whole semester in one day… the test is tomorrow and I’m definitely not ready to face it, please put an old paper from 2 or 3 years ago, so that it will be easy for me to answer to it. I will no longer be lazy and procrastinate, i promise that from today I’ll study hard and achieve my goal. I just wasn’t to validate my 4th semester in session 1, validate my 3rd semester in session 2, both with very good grades, get in las3 BCP (because I don’t really like my current bachelor license 2b2m) and i want to be accepted in 2nd year of medecine by June 2025 ! You know it is my only and biggest dream since I’m a child, and I’m struggling since September 2022 to get into it, it is my last chance and no one can let me enter in this degree except you so please Jesus help me, you are the doctor of doctors, you are God, you can do anything ! And please, keep me healthy, I don’t want to stress out for nothing, i want to be healthy and happy, and not afraid of life but embrace it ! Your daughter Anju

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