Relentless dishonesty from my husband

by Terra ()

My husband is a pathological liar. He literally lies almost daily and won’t stop being deceitful even though he sees the hurt it causes me. He is a Covert Narcissist according to two separate therapist we have seen trying to get him help. He will pray with me in the morning and before the day is over he is using his phone and computer to message, chat or look at things he should not. He rages when I confront him with it and deny’s everything even when the evidence is undeniable. I’ve never experienced anything like this. I discovered he has been lying to me and about me to others and deceiving me our entire marriage of over 5 years now. I’m lost as to what to do and there are times that he even has a look of darkness to him. He is like two people and when I tell him I want him to be a Godly man he sometimes says he cannot and other times he says he knows and doesn’t want to hurt me anymore yet he still refuses to admit anything or stop being deceitful.

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