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I need prayer for my nephew, who has been in jail for a crime he did not do. He has a pre-trial on November 17, 2021 and a trial set for December 8, 2021. However, he had many trial days set and they keep pushing it back over and over again. Now he has spent 15 months in jail. He has cried every day, depressed, and is in fear for his life. The young men that did the crimes has threatening his life, and had him jumped several times in jail, saying he was a snitch. They have videos and testimonies that shows my nephew had nothing to do with the crime. Now the prosecutor what him to take a plead for a crime he did not do. My nephew is thinking about taking this plead, even though he is not guilty because he just trying to get out of there. If he takes this plead, he could spend three to four years in jail. He is in fear of what the outcome may be if he goes to trial. My family and I are praying that he be released before he even has to make that decision. That he be home for Thanksgiving. Please pray with us.
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