rekindle the love

by Maxilou (Kalibo,Aklan Philippines)

Father God in the name of your Son Jesus Christ,I am praying to you and asking favor please rekindle the love of my boyfriend to me.May his feelings,love,care and attention he used to have for me before please bring it back.You brought him back to me before please don’t take him away from me again.Please take away all his resentments and anger in his heart.Please touch his heart and mind.I’M asking for your devine intervention.I love him so much.I am asking and praying too that he will be the man I want to share and spend the rest of our life together forever.I lift him to you dear Lord.I pray that he would know you,believe you,trust you and have faith in you.You know Lord the situation of our relationship right now.Please rekindle the love.Bless my boyfriend Ray Orenshaw.Please reach out to him for me.Thru you Lord I am sending my love to him.We are thousand miles away with each other please him feel the love I have for him.Make him realise that I am worth and important to him.Make him forgive and forget whatever mistakes I had to him.Forgive me for all the shortcomings that I have for him.Make us unite again.Praying that we would see each other soon again.Spend the rest of our life together.As your christmas gift for me Lord please hear and grant my prayers and wishes.In the mighty name of Jesus I pray,Amen.

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  1. God Bless

    I pray unto Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that your bf once realizes the tremendous love he once had for you. I pray that God once again rekindles the fire and passion that you to once felt for each other and that you two may be extremely happy together. Please remember Child of God, everything happens for a reason, and God forbid but if anything God will always provide you with something better down the road. God truly cares for you and will bless you according to His Will. But otherwise, I truly pray that all works out between you and your bf and that you two end up sharing your lives together.

    In Jesus Name I Pray


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