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I have just recently lost my partner because of unresolved conflict and differences. Which has led me to use suicidal attempt to get his attention, the situation got worst. He called the police officers and evicted from his house and placed me in the psychiatric hospital , and ceased all contacts with me.

Please pray that God will heal our relationship and come back stronger.

As I have said so many times yesterday, I need space – that means quiet time with no communications – to get over the pain of what’s happened to our relationship – I expect space would do you some good too. The constant phone calls yesterday, after I repeatedly asked for space, were damaging and did nothing to help. And now this with the fake email address.

You seem absolutely determined not to give me any space, despite me begging you to do so – I had a feeling you might do this, and my worst suspicions have now come true.

Winnie, I tried to make this relationship work, and I believe you did too. But it didn’t. At least once, and sometimes twice a week you would threaten to leave or declared that the relationship was over – as I recall, this week you even added, “and I mean it this time.” Or something like that. You said how miserable you were, how unhappy you were, how you felt like you had to change to “fit into my life” etc. Clearly things were not working, despite great efforts to try and make them work – every time you threatened to pack and leave before (or actually did pack that night last week), I had to beg you to stay and give the relationship another chance. Having to do that every week or so is no way to live, and is a clear sign of an incompatible relationship in my view. That’s why when you, again, declared that “we are not together any more” on Monday, I didn’t fight back – I’m exhausted from all of that. When you threatened to kill yourself and texted !
a photo of a large knife, I had no choice but to call the police – I simply don’t have the skills or experience to effectively and safely deal with an adult, very temperamental person who is actively considering suicide. Knives = danger, to you, to me, etc – there was no way I could tell how far you were willing to go, or whether my coming up to the apartment and saying things would make things even worse.

So at this point, I see the relationship as over. I’ve tried many times to save it, and you have too, but in the end, I think through living together for that short time we discovered that despite the best of intentions and caring by both of us, things just weren’t meant to be. I am very sad about this, as I had invested a lot of energy and time trying to make things work. I hope we can remember the good things, and I must again say how much I appreciate everything you have shown me from “outdoors things” to much more. I hope we can remember the positive going forward and not focus or dwell on the negative.

Re Brad Paisley, the ticket emails including download links were sent to you when we purchased the tickets – please feel free to use the tickets as you like. Re Perth trip, as that’s no longer appropriate, I’ll do what I can to try and refund the tickets. I found a few more things around the apartment as I was cleaning up and have sent them to your home in a box – some cat toys, medicines, etc. There was some of the Whiskas milk, however they are too heavy to send so I have included $50 in compensation inside the package for those.

Re moving forward, please try to remember the good things, and please know I’ll always have a special place in my heart for you. I wish you the best with everything – you’re incredibly wise, smart and focused – I know things will go well for you.

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