Protect our love and relationship

by B B ()

God, I thank you for answering my prayers by introducing Etienne into my life and heart. I thank you for blessing me with somebody as special as he, by allowing us to be friends for so long before growing into a relationship. Thank you God, I thank you with my entire heart and soul.

God, I ask that you please keep us safe, that you please protect us from all earthly and unearthly harm. Please protect our love and relationship, please keep our minds, hearts, eyes and arms open to each other. I ask that you please keep love in our hearts, on our tongues, in our hands when dealing with each other. That in all we do, we do with love. That our words are patient, soft and loving, that our thoughts are respectful and loving, that our touches and actions are trustworthy and loving.

God, I ask that our love grows, that our relationship is strengthened each moment. That we continue to be able to trust, rely, encourage and stand together. I ask that you please continue to bless our union and that it will result in a wonderful loving life long marriage.

God, I thank you for all you provide and continue to provide in my life, heart, health, home, workplace, etc.


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    Dear God, i know u knew me b4 i was born and you also knew my grandma b4 she was born. God it seems as if her time has come to depart, but God i pray u, asking u to heal her oh my father. Let the devil be ashamed of it simple thing of trying to control her. God i pray that you may protect her, guide her, and give her a heart to heal. I pray that believing and trusting in Your Holy Name. AMEN.

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