Praying for my son and his group mates college thesis

by Padre Pio ()

Dear Lord our God, thank you for all the things that you do in me and my family, thank you for always letting me know that you are my powerful God and all the things i know and want in my heart is you know it clearly and you will always answer me and provide for it. Lord God help me in my son and his group mates to pass their thesis, they are very late already help them to have the best intelligent minds to gather all the documents, research and pass it on monday. Touch the heart of those professors panelist to help them so they can pass it and for them to graduate this june. I trust you Lord all of my life and my son’s life may this situation he is in , may he realize more your presence and may ignite his relatiinship to you, you know him Lord, you know his heart and whatwver is going on in his head. Please am begging you Lord to help him again to his thesis. You know Lord what we’ve been through you know as he is always in my prayer. I know in my heart that you know him and see him and us parents. I will always pray harder more to you and try to be a good example to him.
Thank you Lord everything i have is from you.Thank you Lord for saving me always and even when the times im losing my grip.You are always there to tell me that You are my God, and a powerful God than all my problems heartache and worry.
I trust You Lord God with all my heart that he will graduate this june.
In the mighty name of your powerful son, name Jesus, i claimed it! Amen

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