by James ()

Dear Lord please continue to Bless us . Dear Lord, please continue to let the Holy Spirit fill us with Your Grace. Dear Lord, please forgive us for our sins, as we are not perfect. Dear Lord I pray for those people and living things who are lost like my cousin and need to see the truth. Dear Lord thank you for my family , friends , animals , my Mom , Allison , Jasmine , Dori , Elmer , Charlie , Little Man , Moo , and all others . Dear Lord, please let today be a great stress-free day for all people are living things at their homes, schools, jobs, or wherever they may be. Dear Lord I pray for all the people who I speak to who are lonely and struggling, and all the ones who are not as well. Dear Lord, I pray for all people in all living things. Dear Lord please help me find the way to make it through today without being stressed. Dear Lord, I pray this all of the Lord Almighty’s Name. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for us and given to us. Thank you for saving us from sin and giving us eternal life. Amen.

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