by James ()

Dear Lord please continue to Bless us . Dear Lord please continue to let the Holy Spirit fill us with Your Grace. Dear Lord please forgive us for our sins as we are perfect. Dear Lord please help those who are lost like my friends and my cousin and need to see the Truth. Dear Lord please forgive me for the things I said yesterday , I acted out of response and lack of patience to my daughter and mother and it I ask for patience and forgiveness as sometimes we say things we don’t mean and lose our patience and I Pray that I can be forgiven and have more patience . Dear Lord I thank you for my Family , friends , and Jasmine , my Mom , Allison , Dori , and all others . God Bless us all. I Pray for peace of mind today for all . Dear Lord I Pray for all people and all living things in Jesus Name . I Pray this all in the Lord Almighty’s Name and ask for forgiveness of all my and our sins and for this to be a good day and help us all through it Amen.

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