Prayer to Win my lawsuit

by Debbie (Lafayette La)

Father god,I pray that you guide my attorney to win my lawsuit so I can get out of the debt that I am in. Father god I’m not asking to be rich only just to ease my burden and father please bless me I have given very freely to the point where I have been used by people with there lies now father I am in need and can’t get help from the people that I help. Father god pray for me and hear my prayer in Jesus name amen.

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  1. Please here our prayers

    Father I kneel down before you asking for your help , my husband hurt him self at work and now disabled and we lost everything we have hit rock bottom lord , please let this money come through soon,

  2. Workplace lawsuit

    Was fired from sales job. I was a top producer. New sales manager came in and was not successful. We butt heads. He fired me. He was fired a week later. I lost all my account la that I built from nothing. I go work for a competitor. I have a non compete. I got sued for going to a competitor. They are taking full advantage of me. I have a pregnant wife and a five year old child. I am being sued for several thousand dollars for damages. They lost zero of my customers. I am in need of prayer.

  3. To win the Lawsuit

    Pray that we win the lawsuit against the state for unlawful arrest. Where charged have been withdrawn and that the amount we ask for will be given to us Amen

  4. Bankruptcy

    I have a lawyer that who is working hard on getting me confirmed for my bankruptcy, every time something new keeps coming up. He has to keep filing more papers. The opposing attorney is making it very hard, he is creating more issues to keep it from being confirmed. Every time my attorney calls the opposing attorney he is very mean and rude to my attorney. I have put to much into my home to lose it over something stupid. Please I need your prayers to get this confirmed to keep my home.

  5. Prayer to Dismiss Lawsuit

    I’m requesting prayer as a business owner wants to sue me for defamation of character after I provided a review of the poor services I received. I only stated my opinion and spoke the truth, yet the business owner is nasty, spiteful and threatening me with a lawsuit. I need Jesus to advocate for me and for righteousness because I don’t have ill-intent towards people or their services; however, I won’t publish a dishonest review even if it’s negative. My anxiety has skyrocketed, which landed me in the E.R. with chest pains because of it, and I just want to be absolved from this foolishness. I ask for prayer that the attorney who’s willing to help me will advocate righteously as well so that the case everything is dismissed before any papers are even filed. I ask for prayers of protection over my assets (both my and my husband’s) and that we’ll be able to afford this attorney. Please pray for my anxiety and my faith because it’s hard to believe things will work in my favor when I’ve been in court before, for something that I was deemed not-at-fault for, yet still unjustly required to pay. I really need the Lord to show up and protect me.

  6. Prayer to win lawsuit

    Please pray with me to win my lawsuit over the amount I discuss with my lawyer. I have to contact my lawyer today and I’m expecting great news in Jesus mighty name of Nazareth. Amen

  7. This is for everyone who’s been scammed

    Dear Lord God, I pray you give me the courage and strength to take down & expose the credit card companies and banks for their unfair deceptive abusive acts and practices . I pray I am victorious over these enemies of your people and this case becomes law. I vow to help others letting my experience help others. Amen

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