Prayer to sell our land asap

by Ina (Malaysia)

Dear st joseph we are desperately in need of money to pay off all our debts we are not working so this is the only legitimate way for us to get money please help to open up the heart of those people with money to purchase this land at the price we are asking for let this people be genuine buyers please plead with your son our lord to hear our plea for help the need is urgent

Dear lord please hear our plea for help
In jesus christ our lords name thank you lord please please help us

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  1. Urgent prayers to sell the land

    I & my family need all of your immediate strong healings, prayers and blessings regarding a very urgent issue. My father name is Kedar Nath Pandey he is 66years old man a heart patient having multiple illnesses. We are in a very urgent need of money so since a longtime my father has gone to our hometown named MahendraNagar to sell a small piece of land in our village.Please pray for my father to be able to sell that whole land in a very good rate. Please send immediate healings,blessings to sell the land located in Sisaya in Bandarpur, Village bit far from my hometown MahendraNagar. The most amazing thing about that land is it is scattered in the same place in different areas.We wish to sell that whole land or half of it in a very good amount as soon as possible so that we meet all our needs and even help my parents with medication. My Mother is also suffering multiple illnesses was hospitalized recently, both of my parents need to take 9,10 types of medicines every day. We live in rent here everything is so costly. We wish to buy a small house soon, we also need money for our daily needs and multiple issues.Please send Angels there in that land to fix things quickly. I hope you understand our situation well and grant us your immediate blessings, healings with prayers.Thanks so much. May God bless you a lot. Amen, Thanks so much.

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