Prayer to sell business


We are getting old and have health issues.
Can you please pray we sell the business to honest
people. We are selling it at a good price so
we can return the favor of God.

Thank you

I would like to contribute a little donation
but not by Visa over the internet
We will send a cheque if you can send your address.

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  1. mmmm, no.

    I do not feel it is time to sell your biz. Maybe in a year or two. But I feel you will need it soon and it will help you out. If you put it on sale now, it might not sale. Wait, if you can, for a year or 2. You will not regret it. Blessings.

  2. selling business

    Please pray that my business will sell soon. I am tired and drive a great distance to get to my place of business. I have people looking at it right now but one person looking at it should be the person chosen. nice smile and very friendly personality. she will be able to share fitness to the people who need it. thank you. she is trying to get this business approved by the bank so we can do position before Christmas

  3. Selling Business

    I am thankful for the opportunity God has given me to follow my dreams of owning a business, however I now know this is not where I belong. I am selling my business and pray that my business sells before Christmas. I would like to return to teaching, as this is where my heart belongs. When teaching, I know I am doing God’s work, and through Him can touch the lives of children and their families. I pray that God knows my heart and hears my prayer! Amen

  4. Sale of Business

    Heavenly Father thank you for your many blessings, our health, our families and our children’s. Lord you are my strength I have faith in you and believe in you.
    I am struggling with my business and in need of much of power prayer. I am in a financial status with my rent. I have been struggling for the past year and finally had to face the fact that I can no longer do this. I am putting such a burden on my husband even though he tells me no I am not, i see it. Lord help me get through this.
    Please pray that I sell my business to a wonderful spiritual couple I met. Hoping the sale comes through by Christmas…

  5. sell business

    Lord I thank you for the very successful business you have blessed me with I am asking Lord that you take this business into your hands and that this business is able to sell please present to me someone who is really seriously interested and not someone that is trying to take away my blessing.
    I placed you as the broker who better than you that in any meeting for the sale of the business you guide me to make a closing.
    I trust in You oh Lord that you will be my financial provider once this business sells and I enter into my new and endeavors.
    I thank you Lord ahead of time and I pray this in Jesus name Amen

  6. a buyer for our business

    Dear Lord. Please help my family business be sold with immediate effect to a buyer who will be blessed to thrive and succeed as my family did for nearly 36 years. I want to see it fall in very capable hands. I need for my beloved mother who is in much pain to retire. I had already lost my father more than 11 years ago. Let me thrive in my own life path. Please Lord bless me and bless my future owner with both health happiness and wealth. Furthermore bless all the world likewise. I beg you Lord to find me a competent buyer most urgently.

  7. Sale of Business

    In the name of the Father, I ask that my business be sold to bright loving people. May I know who they are once presented to me. I can no longer maintain the growth and time needed for its continued sucess.
    I pray that the purchase price can sustain me through and beyond my present health issues.
    As I move through this present phase in life I pray I can be drawn closer to my purpose and passion.

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