Prayer to Save My Relationship from Falling Apart

Dear Lord, last few months have been extremely hard, I’ve been in a relationship for six years with a man I love dearly, we had a great relationship, done everything together but since July he has pulled away in every way possible, I’ve tried talking to him but leads into a fuss and I don’t want to fuss, he says he’s not cheating and would never do that to me, I ask him if he wants me to just leave and he keeps telling me that he doesn’t want me to leave him.

but Dear Lord he makes me feel not wanted or needed and I feel so alone, we do nothing together any more, I never hear from him threw the day, if I text him he doesn’t respond nor answers my calls when I ask him why, he said he’s too busy at work, he doesn’t say I love you any more unless I say it to him then he will say I love you to. I only see him when he gets home around nine or ten o’clock at night, then its time for bed.

Dear Lord please help us he means everything to me, he’s my best friend, I’ve prayed over and over Dear Lord I know you are with me because I feel the strength you have given me to survive the pain and heart ache, but please Dear Lord I’m drained and need your help to save my relationship I don’t want no other man, please hear my prayer for you know my pain help us reconnect and make our relationship stronger, please bring my best friend and my true love back to me….

I truly believe in you Dear Lord and have faith in you and please continue dear lord to give me the strength to be strong. Please Dear Lord touch his heart and let him know just how much I love him and let him know that I miss my best friend and the man that stole my heart six years ago, please Lord help me don’t let me lose him, i’ve been threw so much in my life and when he came alone he completed me and healed my broken heart. Amen

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  1. Dear Lord

    Dear Lord, I’m praying for my boyfriend and I to repair our relationship. We’ve been together 10 years and I don’t know where him and I stand. He says he doesn’t have anything to say to me. He tells me to make up my own mind. I told him I want to be with him & he doesn’t say anything. The last month with my relationship has been one of the hardest times I’ve encountered. I’ve had a lot of doubts and negative energy which I feel goes away and comes back. Other times I am so positive. Dear lord, help us get back to being in love with each other. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love him. Dear Lord, he is everything I have ever wanted. There are times we don’t get along but he is the only one I want. I want to be the only one he wants. I am so broken hearted with out him. Please, dear lord he is my best friend, and my lover. I’m a wreck with out him. Dear lord please bless us to talk and fall in love again. I love him. Amen.

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