Prayer to Save Lives

Lord Jesus save those people who are travelling, walking and out of their house for works or reaching back home, Protect all of them with your Guardian Angel. Oh Lord today after seeing an accident in front of my eyes. I don’t know who is to be blamed as its u who can only Judge But Lord i make this prayer interceding for that Bike man who is harmed very injuriously. Lord do your miracle over him as u can do all than a man. You the super power, Power of mighty and Above all give him his life and forgive him for all his sins he has done and have mercy over him O Lprd.. Lord as you turned water into wine, made the blind , see the whole world and your beautiful doings on this Earth. In that same way help him out O Lord now all is in your hands.. Only you can do something. Today on this New Year Eve do a miracle in his life. this will be your greatest favor and might you do and Lord protect each and everyone on this Each. Lord whenever they are out or at Home protect them. Lord bring Humanity on this Earth so that people help each other in their needs even if they don’t know, lord all are your children, lord make them realize so that they help, love care each and everyone. Lord please help that bike man and everyone on this Earth, who are in constant need of yours.I make this prayer in your name Lord Jesus Christ..


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