Prayer to not have cancer

Please pray for my dad who may or may not have pancreatic cancer. Please let the results from his blood test that he is taking now will be negative. After years of sacrifice for his family, he just started enjoying a life with a grandchild and is ready to begin retirement.

Please allow him to enjoy more years with his family as he enters the next phase of life. Thank you God and thank you all for your prayers.

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  1. Sister against cancer

    Dear Lord above ,
    My sister has had a very hard life .
    She has battled a brain tumour from the age of thirteen.
    Even though it is benign it has given her so many health issues and was inoperable .She then had thyroid cancer after her little boy was born and was put into isolation as could not have contact with him due to radiation treatment she was having.It took her 20 years to have my nephew after six miscarriages.

    Also she works like a bulldozer sick or not she runs her own business but has recently decided she needs to sell up and enjoy her life a little her son is now 17 .She has tried to sell her business for years and finally still awaiting final offer but all looks good in selling up.

    So she is thinking of all the wonderful things she could do all the terrific time she can solely spend with her family but last week she felt a big lump in her breast and doom fell upon her.
    She is having all her tests today .

    I pray to the Lord above please please please let this prayer be answered let it not be cancer let her live her life .

    Dear God we come to you in a time of such need I love you with my heart and soul and you know I will try my hardest to fulfill your ways of life best I can but I ask in the name of Jesus let there be good news about her health xxx

  2. Pancreatic cancer

    I’m beside myself. My father just had a biopsy yesterday for pancreatic cancer. Now it’s a waiting game for the results. I’m devastated, so very scared. Praying for negative results. I know God will not allow it though. I don’t know when you posted this.. but I pray your father is healthy. Bless your heart for that difficult time.

    Dear Father God,
    I pray for your healing hand on my father, please Lord let him not have cancer. I ask that it not be his time yet, my mother and I still need him with us and so does the rest of the family. Please fill him with your healing Holy Spirit. We need you more than ever for your protection on him. Thank you for such a beautiful man as a father, and husband to my mother. Please comfort him, and also my mother. In Jesus name,

    Amen. 🙏🏼

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