Prayer to heal sciatic nerve pain

by Luz (New York City)

Heavenly Father, I pray that your mercy and grace heal me. I am in terrible pain and have felt agony like no other time in my life. My sciatic nerve still bothers me even with medical intervention. I believe you can heal anything. I don’t ask to be perfect but to be able to function. Please lord take this pain away. I feel desperate I cant keep taking these medications. I know you have left my side even in the darkest moments when I felt I couldn’t anymore. I know your here with me as I cry and write this prayer. Please restore my health, so I may be a testimony to your mercy. I will keep praying and not lose faith. If anyone reads this please pray for me. I might not be able to thank you but GOD’S light will shine upon all of you.

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  1. Prayer for my sciatic nerve

    I desperately need a prayer for my sciatic nerve I work at a convalescent home for the elderly have five children have to provide for them and in danger of losing my home I am the only one that has a good heart to make sure the proper treatment goes to the elderly I I think this will set a good example for the children to be kind to the elderly as well and goodhearted I’m scared that I will not be able to keep up or pick up any of the elderly or with any of the elderly I need a prayer for my sciatic pain and my at the rightists fine to heal completely to do my job correctly

  2. Sciatica pain or pinched nerve not sure but agonising

    Dear lord I cry to you and beg of you to heal this pain in my back that travels to my bum and down my legs which is both sides I have asked so many time for you to heal it but the pain remains what do I need to do for you to heal me I can’t go running anymore or aerobics it’s upsetting I’m seeing physio that did help for a few days then the pain came back lord help I don’t think I can live like this for the rest of my life help

  3. I Googled

    It is true that God works through people. I Googled “Prayer for Sciatica ” and your was there. Every word let me know that God lead you to construct this prayer and I am thankful. There is hope in God ‘s word for us and I stand on the promise that ” We are the Healed of the Lord! ”

    Thank you


  4. Oh the pain

    Dear God, please find it in your heart to stop this horrible sciatic pain! I hate relying on these medications,. Tonight, it was so painful I thought I might faint! I scared my husband, who is recovering from open heart surgery and a stroke! I can bear much pain, but this is unbearable! I beg you for your calming love, and please help me! I don’t know what to do. I love you dear God, please intervene with your loving touch and help me!

  5. Prayer for sciatic pain

    Lord, you said that we could do all things through you. Lord you said to cast our burdens on to you. Lord, you said to ask, and we shall receive. Lord, I ask for your healing light to relieve me of my sciatic pain which is beginning to rob me of my joy of life. As I receive your healing light, I will continue to share my light with others.

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