Prayer to heal bipolar disorder

by Alicia ()

I would like to ask you to pray for me. I have Ocd and bipolar disorder and they are becoming worse.

I cannot hold a job; in the last five years I have had over 15 different jobs, and attempted suicide; I have no income at all right now and am greatly struggling.

My disorders have become so bad im afriad to leave the house or be around anyone other than my family members. I have applied for social security and im worried I will be denied, so I am asking you to pray that i win my social security case.

My family wants me out, and are unsupportive. I have already moved form house to house between family members I can’t live with no income much longer, as I soon will be homeless.

The only one to get me out of this mess is god. So, please help me and pray for me.

Thank you very much.

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  1. What about Deliverence instead?

    Forget about Social Secutiy and think about Being Delivered! Maybe you do not need to be healed, maybe you need to be SET FREE FROM the Spirit of Bipolar Disorder! You are probably thinking like most people who are sick as they believe they need a healing, when in reality, you are probably needing to cast out demons. I myself have the same issues and I am going to say these prayers too! Here is a link and it covers generational curses (they can be hindering you most likely)-think about it…Bipolar is hereditary…hmmm….couldn’t that mean the same thing as being a generational curse? I think so! Do wait to be freed. Say the prayers anytime you feel any reemergence as weel! The link is misleading as it covers mulitple problems!

  2. why

    I don’t understand. Why haven’t you got help from Doctors? do you really want help? My daughter is has the same thing but refuses help. explain to me why you won’t help yourself. help us understand please.

    my prayer goes to you.

  3. Prayers for stength

    My husband suffers from Bi Polar II.

    I will pray as I do for him that you get the help you need from doctors and psychiatrists and the strength from god to do what you have to do to help the healing for your self. There is no cure for Bi Polar but there are lots of medications, and support groups out there that can help you. I pray you find those… You cannot help how you feel but you can find ways to deal with it..

    It angers me when people say negative things.. Please be encouraging and positive…. they really cant help how there feeling there is no way to “fix” it just deal with it and find ways to help…

  4. Pray for eachother

    Hi Alicia,

    I will be praying for you!

    I am 44 and diagnosed bipolar II six years ago but have struggled since high school.

    My father and his mom and sisters all struggled with depression, mania, ocd, panic name it.

    Anxiety and ocd also are apart of my struggle.

    Anyway, I will pray for you.

    Brad K

  5. can't take it

    I ask for prayer for my husband that not until the last year did the sudden outburst of anger happen every day to a couple times a day. Not only was the anger directed towards me but now my 7 year old hears it too. I pray that this generational curse stops with him and my boys 7 and 2 will not have to experience this. I’m thankful that im not the only one who has this problem.

  6. Please pray for my daughter who has bi-polar, depresion, anxietyty

    Please pray for my daughter who has bi-polar, depression and anxiety. She can not keep a job. She can not stay in college. She has tried several times to kill herself. Hospital stays and bills. She finally got in a serious relationship and fell in love. Her boyfriend works all the time and has a hard time spending quality time with her. This has caused a huge problem between them. When he is off he is working on schedules or trying to catch up on sleep. He works different schedules every day. She loves him very much. She put her life on hold in order to spend time with him when he is off. He works 60-80 hours every week. When they do have time they try to plan fun things to do. Sometimes the plans do not work because he is so tired and will sleep all day. This is causing her great depression and anxiety. Please pray that she will figure this out for herself. Please Heavenly Father help my daughter. You know who she is. I pray every day for her.

  7. My son .. prayers please!!

    I am asking anyone who reads this to please pray for my son. He is 29 a great person. He has been struggling since (and before I’m sure) he was 19. He came to me asking me for help. That was a blessing in itself. The past 10 years he’s taken some wrong turns but came back .. he’s clean and sober as of April 29th 5 years. He goes to work FT everyday but does take time off. As of late he has some pretty serious physical issues as well. He takes his meds but I pray everyday he will go and “talk” he is very open w/me but needs to “talk” to a professional! Lately he’s really depressed and scared SO down on him. Anything self in everyway imaginable .. looks, body image, not having his own house etc .. It’s so scary!! I know if you’re reading this .. you “get it” My ex husband is very supportive as well but he just doesn’t “get it” I am on my knees pleading for a miracle!! Just a little peace in his brain .. something or someone special to make him feel the same. PLEASE pray with me or him!! He is my heart and soul!! His name is Anthony. Also I ask God everyday to help Anthony to go to him and ask for help! I could go on and on 😉 Thank you for being here and your prayers!! Much love and Blessings to you all!! <3 BB

  8. Bipolar for too long

    Please pray for GMG who’s mind is being held hostage by demons in the for of Bipolar disease. Pray for the Lord to heal her mind and past hurts that she uses to insult and hurt others. Pray that she find her place in the world through purpose and work. Pray that she may be healed of all that plagues her and that the bonds of mother and daughter are severed for good so that she may thrive. Lord I leave her in your hands and let go of self blame for choices that she made! Bless her and give her purpose and help her have an authentic relationship with you. In Jesus name I pray amen.

  9. The same problem

    I have the same problem. Since 2007 I was dignosed with bipolar disorder. I had issues with jobs, couldn’t stick to it, but work hard even though I had a degree, which I made on pills. Attempting suicide three times, I feel very fragile and sometimes feel almost like loony. I have no emotional support but being stressed and hopeless about the future. I wish somebody help me with prayer and understand my situation. I feel like homeless too-no income to rent and live alone, and I don’t want to be alone. Please pray for me too. I am praying as well. I will pray for you too.

  10. A Granddaughter's Prayer

    Please pray for my teenage granddaughter who has recently been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This young woman used to have such a beautiful, loving spirit. Her laughter would fill the whole room with joy. Our granddaughter was musical and played many instruments. What a amazing voice she had. Her days were filled with song. She once was a gifted artist who loved to paint and create beautiful things. She was able to attend school and was surrounded by many wonderful friends Now that this terrible condition has overtaken her mind, she is no longer able to even attend high school anymore. She cannot function in our everyday world. Our loving, tenderhearted grandchild no longer exists. Each day she locks herself in a dark room and cannot stand to interact with others. She has explosive fits of rage, followed by days of sadness and depression. She has been to many therapists and psychiatrists with little or no help. I cannot imagine what the future will be like, if this terrible condition continues. Please, please pray for our loved one. Thank you for your prayers.

  11. "My Hail Mary"

    So I’m sure you guys have seen it. I don’t have to explain. To note, along with suffering from two different diagnoses from two different psychiatrists one says major depression the other says bi-polar. I’m not really sure. Honestly, I have wondered if suffering at such a young age from a dibilitating prolapsed lumbar disc has brought on the depression. In psych 101 they say “thoughts come before feelings” as a way to help you take hold of your emotions in the moments with hopes that the consistency of that habit paying off in time. So if at all that theory holds true, then I would think physical pain would be something out of the control of your emotional thought to a degree. I mean you can bare pain for a great amount of time but eventually it catches up to you and you realize while you cannot hardly move your big toe or change your baby’s diaper without feeling pins and needles through out your hands due to nerve damage after years of complaining to doctors about your back and being treated such as that of a dog. You just kind of unknowingly, unwillingly give up. And next thing you know instead of figureing out if there’s a possibility that healing physically could help mentally, every psychiatrist you go to dubs you a meantal case. It’s as if you’re what they’ve been sitting in their air tight, stuffy little orange cabineted office waiting on and dreaming of. Someone just as screwed up as possible to walk in so the loads of meaningless flash cards they made in college can finally come to some use.

  12. My illness

    I am 36 years old and I have got bi polar mood disorders I have tried many jobs before but in vain , I have 2 major problems in my life one is job and the other is I am finding very difficult to find me a girl for marriage , my family is also struggling because of me pleade pray for me for god to heal me , I am on medication that’s why my proposals breaks up .please pray for me

  13. Please pray for my daughter jasmine 24 yrs old has bi polar

    She was diagnosed Jan 2017 with bi polar we were all in denial till about November 2017 she went through mania … so we now believe she has it her depression part is very strong lithium seems to help but hit a plateau … just stopped improving maybe she stopped taking her meds she won’t let me give her, her meds says she can do it . I feel like we are losing her please pray for my baby girl. She is brilliant intelligent beautiful graduates from Unt with marketing she was diagnosed In her last year of college. But she made it through graduation on Latuda

  14. God is able...

    I read through these prayer needs on the night my 22 year old nephew was hospitalized with what just may be bipolar. My nephew has the sweetest heart and loves to worship God. Today he began to be aggressive towards his parents, after about 3 weeks of spiraling down emotionally. The police were called and they took him to the hospital. It all reminded me of living with my brother who had bipolar. The police were called on many occasions. Knowing what may be ahead for my brother made me so sad. But I want to declare for my nephew as well as for all who have left messages about a need for prayer. I want to declare, God is able! He is able to heal. But it requires having faith to believe that not only does God heal, but that He can heal you! God can heal my nephew. In fact, the Bible says we should believe we have (already) received what we asked for, so not only can God heal, but He has already healed my nephew and He has already healed those in need of healing from bipolar. God we come in simple child-like faith believing that you have already healed us. Now we walk in faith knowing that as we continue to confess this truth (“my nephew is healed”, “everyone on this post is healed”) that healing will manifest. Thank you for hearing and answering prayer. In Jesus’ name.

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