Prayer to get a good job with excellent pay abroad

by Rodgelyn (Philippines)

Dear Lord and Mama Mary, I’ve been working for years in my own country with minimal salary and benifits. I’ve tried to share my earnings to my father and my sisters family and I’m longing to have sufficient and enough not only for my immediate family members but to them as well (My father and sisters’ family and other relatives and friends in need) whom I care.

From my profession, I am looking forward seeing myself having a foundation to help the needy relatives and friends. And this is only possible when I get a good job with excellent pay abroad.

Dear Lord and Mama Mary, I pray that you will guide me always right from the start of the application process. Having sufficient fund of course to cover all the expenses, from getting the required documents from the schools, from PRC, easy acceptance during submission, passing the IELTS right away, approval from APHRA, going through the bridging program, passing and qualifying the requirements, enrolment in their regulatory board, be granted with an immigrant visa the easiest way as possible, getting a good job with excellent pay and will be able to bring the whole family abroad. We can settle there. My husband can find a good job as well with good salary and my daughter will be good in school.

These things, I pray to you Lord and Mama Mary. And I believe with these that I will be able to support not just my own family but to others as well.

This I ask through Jesus Christ and Mama Mary, Amen.

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