Prayer to be delivered from pornography addiction

by John ()

Please pray that I be free from my pornography addiction. It has gone on for too many years now, and it’s getting bad. Pray that I be relieved of this burden, that my memories and desires be healed. Please ask the Lord to set me free.

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  1. There is power in the name of jesus to break every chain :)

    Hey everyone hope you are all well im here to testify of the Lords goodness in my life im 19 years and i was struggling with masturbation and pornography it absorbed all of me until i was a slave to my desires… I believed i could stop if i want to only to realize i was no longer in control. It made me its slave and i couldnt stop myself it made me feel guilty and i withdrew from God in an attempt to clean my act so i could worship him in spirit and in truth but it got worse one day i read Romans 7:15 “for what i do i do not understand what i will to do i do not practise but what i hate i do 17but now it is no longer i who do it but sin that dwells in me” so i earnestly prayed to God to ask for him to set me free from my desires Then i found Romans 8:2 “for the law of the spirit of life in christ jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death.” i had faith that jesus healed me since Gods word is true and is life. Its been 5 months and i have not been enslaved Jesus heard my prayer and broke off my chains and ive had a life of peace ever since. Although sometimes it would get triggered but jesus was in control. The Spirit later revealed to me phillipians 4:8 “finally brethren whatsoever things are true, noble,just pure,lovely, and of good report if there is any virtue meditate on these things and the peace of God will be with you..” as christians we have to watch what we put into our minds most of the time i got triggered into porn and masturbation was because of the things i saw or heard… But ever since i started meditation on the good things which are of God (read the bible) it stopped i dont think or feel the need to… Please guard your hearts and remember Jesus can break your chains all you need to do is ask and you shall receive. You cannot do it on your own 🙂 phillipians 4:6-7 ” Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplications with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God that surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through christ jesus

  2. To be delivered from Pornography

    I have tried to get myself free of these desires and urges but I am not able to.
    I do have anointing and gifts of holyspirit but I don’t know why there is a lack of interest to pursue godly discipline, and I constantly succumb to these desire to watch images of certain kind.
    Please pray that I be totally set free.

    Thank you.

  3. Porn and mustrabation addiction.

    I want to be set free fro pornography and masturbation which I’m really addicted from the last three years now. I don’t want this habit to stay in my life as far as my christian walk with Jesus is concerned. I was a very passionate young man serving God and sold out for Jesus but when I download and view Porn movies on my cell phone my life has become cold. I’m no longer interested in Jesus as I used to do three years back. Thus I want to be healed and delivered from this sexual sin!

    Thank you


  4. pray request

    please pray for me to get deliver from pron and masturbation. I don’t know how I get into this sin

  5. Be Free From watching PORNO

    Dear Heavenly Father I come to you FOR TODAY asking for you to have mercy on me and those who are in a need of your love and mercy and forgiveness OF OUR SINS and To FREE OUR MIND AND THOUGHTS FROM watching PORNO FOREVER AS LONG as we are alive ! . I KNOW ITS BEEN MANY TIMES WE HAVE ASK YOU FOR FORGIVENESS IT is IN YOUR word that once we REPENT or sins to you and ACKNOWLEDGE jESUS CHRIST as our lord and savior that you are just to forgive us and that you would never leave us nor forsake us God i am asking you to open up the gates of heaven and pour down a blessing to help us be free from our addition of being entertain by porno and keep OUR mind on YOUR LOVE and i say this in Jesus name AMEN thank you GOD for hearing and answering our Prayers .

  6. please pray for me

    Hi I’m Gabriel and I’m 15 years old and addicted to porn. I can’t seem to stop and I really need help, PLEASE PRAY for me to be free! God bless

  7. Complete Deliverance

    I have been dealing with sexual sins and lust since I was seven. I was exposed to sex by extended family members (both male & females). I was then exposed to pornography some years later. Since then, my mind has been a war.I am now married and with children. God has delivered me from masturbation, but I still struggle with pornography. Please pray for me that God completely cleanses me and that this curse is not passed down to my children. Please, I pray that you pray with me. I have been in church all of my life, but I don’t really talk to anyone because of trust issues. Please pray for me. Thank-you and God-bless…

  8. Deliverance from pornography

    I’ve had of people who for 10, 15 or 20 years are into porn before their deliverance. I don’t want to stay that long before i am delivered, i’ve spent 3 years in porn and i realy want it to end in my life. Please pray for me.

  9. A message on YouTube or internet or find church web page from Okemah Oklahoma

    The pastor is David Shatwell
    The message is called how to keep from moral failure!!

  10. Look for this tool Jesus has given us!!!

    Brothers!!! Sisters!!! Please look up this video or audio of ‘David Shatwell’s message called “how to keep from moral failure” if you need to find his church information he pastors in Okemah Oklahoma. God has given him awesome instructions on how to keep from failing morally. You should be able to find it on YouTube.
    I’ve tried this and it helped but then I stopped and I failed again, the more you do this the stronger you get though and there is true deliverance. We just have to understand its a constant battle but we can get stronger!!! God bless you!
    Baptism in the name if Jesus to wash away your sins!
    And the in filling of the Holy Ghost with evidence if other languages as the spirit of God gives the utterance!
    Acts 2:38
    Acts 4:12

  11. Struggle with Porn

    I am a Pastor and I’ve been struggling with Porn on and off since 2008. What started it was seperation from my wife for several years and loneliness. Now the Lord has reconciled us the habit still remains and the habbit, even though not continuous, comes and goes. Some times I go for several weeks or months without any incident. Then suddenly something triggers it. Some times disappointment in a mater or stress and then I’m off again. It may bring temporary relief from the stress but then the guilt sets in coupled with depression. Then I have to repent all over again. If I didn’t understand God’s grace, forgiveness, mercie I would have given up by mow.
    Sometimes I feel I have conquered the habit and then something triggers it and I fall back into the habit again.
    Some times it gets me down and I feel very depressed.
    But I never stay depressed for very long because I know I must keep on fighting until I have fully put to death this sinful flesh.
    What motivates me not to give up is this passage of scripture from St Paul “For what I am doing, I do not understand. For what I will to do, that I do not practice; but what I hate, that I do. (Romans 7:15 NKJV)
    St Paul who was arguably one of the greatest Apostles who ever lived also struggled with weaknesses of the flesh. Yet he continued to fight the good fight.

    I thank you for all your comments because I felt some of your points were very good and I intend to use them in my fight to over come this sin.
    I encourage you all who have the same struge never to give up until you’re completely free. I know my Jesus is healing me gradually because the time which elapses between returning to the habbit is getting longer and longer. God Bless all of you.
    Pastor Dixon



  13. pray for me

    Please, pray for me. For my freedom. I need to be freed from porn. My Lord Jesus forgive me and change me please.

  14. The Name of Jesus is very powerful

    When Satan and his demons here the Name of Jesus, they tremble with FEAR.

    Whenever you are tempted by Porn, Just say pause for a second and pray,’Satan, I command you in Jesus Mighty Name, FLEE!’. Mean it when you say it and believe that Satan has fled and you will have peace.

    I pray in Jesus Name that we all be delivered from this Bondage.

    Yours in Christ

  15. Praying to be Delivered from Pornography

    Sadly I too am addicted to pornography. I have had in in my life since a child and now I am 59. I feel like the devil has my heart, mind and soul. I do not feel close to Christ. When I have fought this addiction, prayed and read the bible I felt I had hope. I feel I have separated myself from Jesus and the allow the devil in daily.

    Please pray for me to fight him today for my soul, my wife and my daughter. At my age I feel like a gruel trick has been plan on my and I fear for my soul. I pray for strength through Jesus and am thankful that even in the depths of this hurtful sin he has given mercy. I know that there are many like me that are in the same condition. God heal us all and deliver us before it is everlasting too late.

  16. porno

    I know Jesus christ as my saviour for long time but I am living like slave to pornography. terribly I feel empity inside.before start looking pornography i feel the presence of God, hear the voice of God clearly , have the peace joyin my life of God but now feel empity. of course I have beautiful wife and child. but this evil thing took away all this heavenly gifts. plz healp me by prayer I want to be deliverd from this and want have fellowship with beloved Jesus. at this moment I have desided to present my body as holy accepteble and living serifice. Holy Spirit help and teach me to live free from the bondage of sin. when I think the second coming of Jesus and standing the thron of jadgement I feel helpless. before that day come I today make peace with God by the precious blood of Jesus. the blood of Jesus cleaness from all sin.

  17. Where to find help

    Find you a celebrate recovery location and with

    The help of Jesus Christ you can find recovery

    Praying for you

  18. prono


  19. prono


  20. His Healing Hand

    The Lord can heal, restore, and deliver from all things that keep us from Him. What we really need to do is get on our knees and plead with Him, while crying out to Him humbly before Him. He knows we mean it when we do this and He will hear us and act. He will not leave us nor forsake us. We must have faith and come bodly before Him. I have done this today after being tempted to look at porn and felt very helpless in my struggle but with God’s Spirit I was able to bow to Him and ask Him to deliver me and I feel He has. Satan has left me for now and I know God will keep giving me strength to keep from looking at porn or even thinking about it. I have been a slave to porn since I was a little boy and I’m now 33. I feel so much better after bowing before Him in a repentant heart. I know He will bless me and give me a Crown of Life. I hope this is of help to someone in need.

  21. Addicted since a child 16!!!!!!!!!!

    Addicted since a child 13, this habit has to stop, I am 56yr. old and I am saved and forgiven by the precious blood of my saviour Jesus Christ!!!!! I want to honor my marriage, and keep wicked thoughts and feelings from overtaking me!!!!! Thank God for this website!!!!

  22. I am a minister and I addicted to Porn

    please pray for me for my deliverance from Porn please…

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