prayer request for soul mate into marriage

by OUDREY ()

Dear Brother/Sister,

I am a 35 year old careered women whom is very obedient my whole life. I have never dated guys. I don’t have any bad habits such as drinking or even hanging out with my friends late night. Am typical catholic women. Thus all this while I have used all my time to study and upgrade my career till today I realize all of my age women are married and have settled down but I am not. This saddens me. I have multiple times had asked God Why Am I not Married Yet?. I haven’t get the answer till today. I am healthy person, no medical complication. I don’t go dating or to explore my chance of finding my right partner because I believe my parents knows better of what are my needs thus I have waited till today. Recently my brother who is younger than me found his preferred girl and is about get married. I feel happy for him of course however deep down I felt my parents don’t care if I will be alone after their gone. I promised them that I will take care of them its ok if I don’t get married. My family was also blessed with a beautiful sister of mine , she was a special child for 25 years, bed ridden and had fits all her life but last year she passed away due to health complications. She was also the reason i told my parents i will stay single to take care of her after parents are no more but Jesus loved her so much he gave her the life of all live’s which is on his kingdom.

After her passing, i am looking of settling down however i don’t know why Jesus is keep me waiting, I believe he has plans for me .Can I request your prayer on this and Can I get advice on why I am Not married till today. Am I a sinner father in which is very gravel until our Lord hasn’t bless me with a life partner?

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