Prayer Request for A Successful Final Defnse of my dissertation

by Ildefe (Philippines)

Heavenly Father, I thank you for all the blessings received. I ask forgiveness for all the sins committed. I pray Lord God, that you will send your Holy Spirit to enlighten me, to give me the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that I need for the final defense of my dissertation. Guide me during the presentation of my paper, that I will be able to present well the result of my study and hopefully passed successfully my defense. I also pray for the panelists that they will not make it very difficult to me and enlighten my understanding that I will be able answer the questions they will ask. I offer to you oh God the successes of my doctoral program. Amen

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  1. God Bless

    I pray that the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ be with you as you do your report and that the words flow thoroughly and that God be watching over you. I pray that the panelists see how amazing and smart you are and that through Christ you can do all things. Remember to pray beforehand and let the Holy Spirit do the talking for you. Just have faith and God will provide you with all of the wisdom you need. James 1:5

    In Jesus Name I Pray


  2. Please guide us as we defense our dissertation

    Lord God, I thank you for all of the blessings that you have given me and my groupmates. Please forgive all of our sins. Please give us the knowledge especially me as I am discussing the first part. I also pray that the panelists won’t be too harsh on us and make us comfortable instead of making us nervous. Lord God, I will leave it all onto you. Please let us be successful. Thank you lord God. Amen.

  3. I Feel Your Pain

    I found your prayer because I was looking for a way to pray through my own confusion as I work to complete my masters thesis. In finding you, I understand that our path is meant for something so much bigger than either of us. Without knowing your discipline, I know that your work is meant to shine in glory to God and his plan for us. I know that no good work goes without His blessing, and that you will find the words you need and succeed in the work that is before you. As I minister to you, I hear for myself and know that His plan is bold and at work for both of us. My prayer is for both of us, and sent with much love. To God be the glory as we both go forward without fear or trepidation to fulfill his wishes!!

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