Prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord

by Chloe ()

Dear Father i wish to thank you in this prayer not to ask you for anything but to thank you for the things you do and who you are thank you Lord for awakening me to the truth from the lies of my sins and satans lies and the world thank you for the bible that teaches us your very word also for the prayers you have heard and answered thank you for letting me come to you and talk with you in prayer to come to you again and rest in you and under your wing thank you that by your grace i and my family and the pets of this house have had another day alive and awake in your presence and creation thank you for the food and drink you bless us with us and the world the drink too so we may drink although we know the food and drink we have on earth given to us by you can’t quench our thirst or hunger quite like the Holy spirit and thank you for the blessings of your son and our Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross so we may be set free of sins and death to have eternal life to know you intimately and a closer relationship with you thank you Lord may it never get lost on us his sacrifice for us and our faith in him and our love and keen feeling to be taught by you and your ways and teachings to stand firm in them and not stray thank you Lord for rest we take at night under safe watch and protection by you also for still healing my dad from covid pneumonia as you have healed him up until this point and still continue to do so thank you Lord also i’m thankful for a roof over our heads acess to clean water hygiene medicine warmth clothing and the money you bless us with to afford the things we need and to support families with thank you and thank you that we are debt free and healing mentally and physically all the time because you heal us from what we are suffering from thank you for all you do and bless us with we know not everyone in the world has access to the daily comforts we have but i know you will help them to heal and to deliver them if it be your will then let your will be done as i know you don’t take any pleasure in the suffering of your children thank you for hearing this prayer in Jesus name i pray Amen

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