A prayer to keep my job and to be prospered.

by Adriana (NJ)

Lord, I thank you for taking good care of me. There is something I like you to do for me. Make me strong mentally to think on the positive, so no one could intervene with the relationship I have with you. Break the curse of not prospering that some people wish on me. Lord, you know my heart. I want to be a blessing to my family and the same time take care of myself. Father God, when I do take care of myself let me be a strong pillar so no one will interfere with the progress I have with you. I want you to heal me from the emotional attacks that I get from people who think that I ‘m not strong enough for the job. I love you Lord and I know that all things are possible through Jesus Christ who strengthens me. There is no one like you. Please give me the confidence to overcome all evil attacks upon what I’m trying to do to help my life. God give me the foresight and insight and please protect me from all harm. I pray that you will help me over come and conquer all that I want for my life. God keep me not having discernment or wisdom enough to know the difference in who I associate myself with and deliver me from the curses that make me stumble in life. I have the odds against me to even keep a job. They didn’t even think that I would last as long as I did. I thank you Lord and I hope that your blessing on my life will remain to be long lasting. Please put your covering on my life and help me to be strong. Please don’t let them take this beautiful opportunity away, because I learning to live for you and be a blessing to my family. I need the chance to show them that I could take care of myself and them if they need it. God I love you and Praise your name. Make me a vessel for You in my own home. Take the the bitterness of the past mistakes away and help me focus on my goals. God protect me and guide me on the way of prosperity. How I love you Lord, and How I need you more and more in my life. I know it won’t be easy, but I will trust in you and keep you close to me. I love you. Your relationship means so much to me. How I love you Lord and How I want to praise You forever! Your love is amazing! Forgive me if I didn’t live an example life in the past, but thank you that You caught me in time to win me back! I love You Jesus! My hope is in You! You are my strength and my fortress. To You I put my trust! Amen! and Amen!

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  1. Keep my job full time

    Please pray that my job will remain a full time position until I retire in two years
    Thank you and bless you

  2. Pray for my Job

    Please pray for my Job that it will remain with me and keep all the enemies at work away from me who are against me and my Honesty. Let my Boss realize who is right and who is wrong. Have Mercy oh God

  3. Prayer Request

    Pls,pray that I’m able to keep my new i was just hired.Ive been cleaning houses with my friend she owns cleaning business this friend don’t want me to prosper she want me to work for her with low wageswgen she found out I was hired she not happy she,want me to b her slave boss me around..pls,pray as I need this,new job at the hotel with good wage&Good benefits I’m abke,to keep as this friernd is cursing &rebuking my new job I’m single mom I want to prosper like anybody else so I can provide for my son &get a car..pls pray for me &protection fr this,friend as she want me fired with new job so I’m stuck with her..pls pray for deliverance fr this friend &the blood of Jesus covering my new job .thank u..

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