Prayer for Urgent need of Divine Help

by Michelle ()

Pray this special prayer when you are urgently in need of Divine Help. God Hears You!!

Say this prayer nine times in a row, making your request and the Sign of the Cross each time. Publish immediately.

Oh Great Passion,
Oh Deep Wounds,
Oh Blood Shed in Abundance,
Oh Meekness,
Oh God of Meekness,
Oh cruel Death, have mercy on me and grant my request if it be for my salvation.
Dear Lord, please grant my request.


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  1. Need for urgent Financial help

    Der Almighty God

    I request you most humbly to please help me very very urgently to help me meet my most urgent and immediate requirement of finance. I need urgently Rs. 5 lacs to clear my immediate loans and debts failing which I will have be disgraced.

    I have complete confidence in yoru miraculous ways, Lord and will beg you once again of your intervention in helping me with my financial needs.

    With sincere prayers


  2. Prayer for urgent financial help

    Lord I made mistakes and I too much debts. I need your divine intervention Lord to help me come out of my situation. I have been receiving letters and calls from banks. Please Lord I beg of you for a financial Miracle urgently.
    Thank you Lord.

  3. prayer answered quickly

    I had a automotive problem that could be very expensive, I prayed and a simple fix worked.

    Praise the Lord!

  4. Request for compasion

    Please give us all understanding towards ……. who’s is walking through a very dark valley. Bring light and guidance. Merciful Lord flow your compassion through and around …… AMEN

  5. Help me dear Lord

    Dear Lord please hear my prayer. I urgently need your help. My daughter is in financial problems and doesn’t know where to turn. Please aid her in a solution. She desperately needs your help. Please help her to get her car back. I ask this in Jesus name Amen. Thank you Lord.

  6. Help me Lord

    Lord, please hear my prayers. I am about to be homeless, hungry, and sick. Please grant my request for help. Thank you Lord.

  7. Immediate Help

    My Dearest Lord;

    I come to you in desperation. I feel alone, full of sadness and in need of immediate help. I need to get a job immediately in California, near Calabasas. I interviewed for a position and am waiting for a response. Please have Anne offer me the job with a great compensation package.
    I need a fresh start. I have sinned on multiple occasions and am begging for forgiveness, divine intervention and a second chance. Please hear my prayers and intervene on my behalf. I know you can help me. You have helped me on so many occasions before. This time is probably my most desperate plea.

    Thank you.

  8. Healing wellbeing

    Hi please would you kindly pray for god to meet all my needs and to intervine in my life and bring complete heaith healing in my left side of my stomach bowels and abdomen as ive been in absolute agony now for almost 2 weeks also need delivering from all evil spirt or witchcraft which could be stopping me from receiving gods blessing i need to be feee from all fear anxiety depression high blood pressure and high colestral levels which really need to be lower i also need strength as ive nof got any energy or motivation but i believe with god all things are possible amen amen thank you for all your prayers god bless you all nicola

  9. Love

    Dear Lord,

    Please bring JC and I together in a romantic relationship. Please send me a tangible sign whether or not he loves me and wants to be with me romantically. Amen.

  10. Pray for our foster son, and those chosen to represent him

    Please pray for Cindy and Nina, chosen to represent our foster child in court. Give them the wisdom to see that it is in his best interest not to be disrupted, and instead to stay in the stable and loving placement where he has spent almost 1.5 years.

  11. Pray for him

    Please pray that he forget about R so that we can start building a relationship together and eventually get married. I truly believe we are meant to be together Lord. Thank you and amen.

  12. In need of Devine Mercy

    Dear Father, through Jesus Christ, I am asking that everything will have a good outcome through your Devine mercy. I thank you in advance and for ALL the other times you have been there for me. AMEN

  13. Urgent help

    Dear God please help us to find a suitable house to rent. We want to move back to our home town and need your help to do this. Thank you for listening to me and helping me in the past. Iam truly sorry for having offensed you and for asking you for help yet again. I pray you will help us this time. Thankyou and Amen.

  14. Thank you Dear Jesus

    In gratefulness for your Divine Help that solved a legal battle of four decades.

  15. Urgent need of help

    Dear Lord Jesus I pray with all my heart and soul for help with my financial situation. Please Dear Lord Jesus I pray for a new job, a promotion or a second job. I appreciate everything you have done for me thus far. In your name I pray.

  16. prayer for urgent help

    Oh Great Passion,
    Oh Deep Wounds,
    Oh Blood Shed in Abundance,
    Oh Meekness,
    Oh God of Meekness,
    Oh cruel Death, have mercy on me and grant my request if it be for my salvation.
    Dear Lord, please grant my request.


  17. Urgent need of a home.

    Oh dearest Lord, I have been praying, and searching hard, at thus difficult time for a home, so recently after poor mums passing, all very difficult time. But help me not to be tempted to panic, as I trust in you Lord, you have a house and home for me, and I claim it and receive it in Jesus name. Amen. Grant me a smooth and stress free move, and every help in the move, financial blessings, and thank you Lord in advance that I shall soon see your plans for my house, new home, all come to pass in your mighty name Jesus. Amen. Thank you and Praise you Lord Jesus. Amen.

  18. Next step

    Dear Lord, please give me guidance and a sign on what I should do next in my love relationship. Thank you and Amen.

  19. Financial help

    PLease God forgive my sins of all my births and help me as soon as possible to pay all my debts ..please help me God I love u always

  20. My son

    I need some prayers for my son three year. We noticed he has been having some speech problems like talking back to us and answering question he is a smart boy but has some problems with his speech! Please say a prayer for him because I know with God by his side he can overcome this! Thank you god

  21. Financial stability

    Dear heavenly lord, have Mercy upon me and stabilize my life financially so that I can be supportive to my mum and my nearest friend. Amen.

  22. Prayer

    Say this prayer nine times in a row, making your request and the Sign of the Cross each time. Publish immediately.
    Oh Great Passion,
    Oh Deep Wounds,
    Oh Blood Shed in Abundance,
    Oh Meekness,
    Oh God of Meekness,
    Oh cruel Death, have mercy on me and grant my request if it be for my salvation. (say request)
    Dear Lord, please grant my request.

  23. Special Intentions

    Please make our basement tenant move out of our basement this month.
    Please heal the wounds on my face.
    Please let me meet my soulmate soon.

  24. Need Financial assistance

    Please heal and strengthen me Dear Lord. I need your blessings and intercessions. Amen

  25. Prayers needed

    Prayers needed!! Please help my daughter pass her College Exam today at 3pm. It’s important for her graduation. Amen

  26. Restore my Marriage

    My humble Prayer is that God restores my Marriage. Reconcile us as one with my husband no longer being disrespectful and cheating

  27. Special Intention

    I pray that I get accepted into a law school. After so many rejections, there are only three decisions left. Please Lord let one be an acceptance.


    Praying honestly to God for Financial Breakthrough. Things have gone from bad to worse for me, my children and grandchildren. We have no one but God to come through for us. Friends and relatives have abandon us. Father God, You are our Only Source of Hope and Help, come through for us in The Mighty Name Of Jesus. Thank You Lord. Amen.

  29. my marriage

    29 years of marriage; my husband has been seeing other women. Give us the strength to work through this. If it not meant to be give me the strength to walk away.

  30. Prayer for Healing`

    Please pray for healing over the life of Rosetta Van Der Ross, she is currently in hospital., and strenght to her Husband and children during the time.

  31. Urgent need

    Please pray for a house that will accept a pet and also a job for my husband. Thankyou for listening to me again. Amen

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