Prayer For The Woman I Love

Dear God, Almighty Father in Heaven. Lord you know my heart and I pray that you see my intentions are pure. Please allow me to find love and happiness with the girl I love and who is in my heart.

If this can be part of your will Lord then please let it be and please help me to overcome any obstacles and doubt that might hinder my prayer. Lord I ask you humbly and with all the love you have put in my heart. Hear and answer my prayer Lord. I love you. Amen.

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  1. I hope it works out for you

    I am in love with a friend and made a fool of myself by letting him know against my better judgement but he doesn’t seem to care nor believe me. I had to tell him because it was waying down heavily on my spirit and was turning into an emotional block in my life, needless to say even after receiving my emotional healing by letting him know I still continue to love him but now its turned into a steady strong love because I wish for him. It was never my intention to make things awkward between us but it seems that I have. How can I be open with him and let him know that I am no threat to him. Yes I do love him, yes I want to know what its like to have him in my life in that way but only if he chooses to be with me. I guess I can honestly say that I love him truly enough and more so with all his faults and to let him be happy with whomever he chooses. So, even though mine is unrequited I don’t mind praying for another person to be happy in love. I wish you all the best with the woman you love, she is blessed to have someone pray for her. I can only ask God to have mercy on me and to help me with this love in my heart. His Will be done.

  2. Claim It

    I will pray that you will someday find that lucky lady to love you back. In Jesus’ name your prayer will be answered. Speak and it is so!!!

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