Prayer for the Holy Spirit to touch my wife’s heart

Dear Lord,

I pray that you will send the Holy Spirit to my wife and that her heart will be touched by you. Please open her heart to me, her loving husband, and fill her with Your love and vision for our marriage covenant. We have blindly hurt one another.

Please show us the way to love each other again. Bring us both closer to you and each other. Restore our marriage dear Lord. Please give us the grace, patience and love needed to light our path out of this darkness together. We are so blessed. Make us one again. Unite us in your love.

In Your almighty name I pray,


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  1. No desire

    I love my wife dearly but our relationship has changed. I have lost the desire to touch her or to have sex with her. She drinks heavily, smokes, and is mean to me when she’s drunk. Though she is twenty years younger than me and very pretty, I find myself being attracted to almost any other woman. I feel very guilty and ask God for help all the time. I’m afraid I’m going to cheat like I did with my first wife, i need help.

  2. please he'll me sae my marriag with powerfull prayers

    Hi my wife and I are seperated 7 months now I ask for a prayer to soften her hearth for me she hates me cause I have accused her I have ask her to forgive me cause I have forgave her for flirthing with a guy over what’s app I also alsk that she be prayed for agains temtation and friends advising her to devorce and partying I ask that satan give way from our marriage and god to lead us away from spirit of fornication temtation hatred lust etc an al satanic work that has been done agains our marriage and for recilation. And love respect and loyalty

  3. heavy heart

    I love my wife with all that I have but she acts as if she hates me. Everything I say or do is never good enough. She acts as if she has found someone or something. She will not even talk to me. I ask God to send the Holy Spirit to touch her heart and let her see how much pain its causing us. I don’t want to get a divorce nor do I hope she is cheating. Lord please send forth your angels to restore our marriage. In Jesus mighty name I pray Amen

  4. I need her and u lord

    Father god I ask u to send your Holy Spirit to my wife father God soften up her heart father God so that she is open to the idea of us being together as one again father God I asked you for my marriage for the restoration of marriage father God it is you that said what I bring together no man shall break apart father God and I’m asking you for the guards please save and restore my marriage father God I know I’ve made mistakes I’m learning from my mistakes father God I accepted you as my personal savior father God I’m asking you to soften up her heart so she gives me one more opportunity to be the husband that she deserves father God thank you Father God I know that you will that your will be done in Jesus holy name I asked everybody to pray for me and for my wife free healing for our marriage

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