Prayer for strong husband wife relationship


Lord, I bring my marriage before you. Strengthen our bonds and our relationship. Bless our marriage. Remove anyone who is an obstruction to our marriage
Lord, you have joined us together in Holy matrimony. In you, our love is perfected. I lift up my spouse and myself. Therefore, heal any brokenness and damage between us, as no one else can.Give us strength and humility as we face challenges in our lives. May we always have love, honor, patience, and respect for each other. I pray that we are motivated to shower encouraging words, both spiritually and emotionally.

Please help me make my husband more supportive towards me and my baby, Help my husband make wise choices, as i have seen him prioritizing his parents siblings and others over me( wife) .
Please remove any bad influences from our relationship. Make our bonding strong.
Please remove that ego feeling my husband has, i feel he thinks that if he loves his wife more and gives her importance then he will lose his self respect and his parents and siblings will tease or blame him. Please guide him to right path right thought process. Please make our relationship strong loving and supportive.

Lord you know everything you see everything, i have seen my inlaws especially my sister-in-law and mother in law getting insecure and trying to divert or change my husband whenever he cares and is more loving with me and my baby, they dont allow us to be together i.e to have good couple time together, they don’t allow us to go out have some good time and i have seen them ( my inlaws) scolding and manipulating my husband when he is more supportive and loving towards me .. please god please give them wisdom to act wisely .. please bless our life with happiness,joy, prosperity.. thank you .

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