Prayer for Spouse to Return

by Tiffany (Japan)

Dear God,

I pray that my husband returns back to me. I pray that you remove all bad things that influence his thinking and restore him with the rightful thinking of you. I ask that he returns back to you with open hands and builds his relationship back up with you. Lord I know that there are some bad spirits in him right now and I ask that you bind them up and get rid of them in Jesus name I pray. Lord you are an awesome God and I know that you will bring my husband back to me, I am waiting patiently and I am understanding more everyday. Lord I pray that he comes back with an open heart and open arms. Please God I am asking that you bring my husband back and get rid of all the bad things going on with him. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Anyone who prays for me, my spouse, and marriage are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  1. prayer for husband

    I hope your prayers will be answered, I find it so ironic because this is exactly one of the things I wanted to pray for tonight.

  2. prayers

    Dear Tiffany – I will lift you and your husband up in prayer – you sound so genuine and your heart is clean. I pray our Dear LORD influences your husbands behavior and he returns to you the Godly man you deserve! I pray that our LORD comforts you as you wait and then puts His hand over you marriage when you reunite and I ask this in Jesus great name – Amen

  3. Prayer for husband to return home

    Please pray that Kim’s husband will return home to her before Christmas.

  4. please pray

    Please pray that I husband will return and get rid of his young girl who is younger than is daughter

  5. Prayer to remove her from my husbands life.

    Please pray for my husband to return back to me. I love my husband dearly. Ipray to God that he removes Angela Moore from his life. I pray that God soften his heart towards me, and change his mind of thinking, and he returns home to his family, and I.

  6. Stander

    Im praying for all the wives today that God will answer their prayers in Jesus Name. Lord today I pray for my husband, Tino please renew his mind, renew his spirit. Father he has walked out of our marriage but I am the Stander who will trust you to restore our marriage and return him back to me. Anything that is hindering him from returning home, by the power of blood of Jesus let it be loose today, that woman that is in his life I declare the God will release her from my husband’s life in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  7. Praying for your safe return

    Lord I ask you to please keep my family safe always and forever. Lord I ask you to help us overcome this test you are putting us through, I pray that you help my wife Deborah overcome this battle and free her from all these demons. I pray that she gets the help she needs.

  8. Please help me God I'm broken

    God please help Marcus find the strength to contact me . I miss him terribly, I’m madly in love with him. Please bring him back to my life, help him understand how i feel. I cannot go on like this, I’m completely broken, there is so much sadness in my heart. I deserve love and happiness, please lord give Marcus the strength to reach out to me soon. I have faith you will hear my prayer.

  9. I have the worse family in law ...ungrateful before God for being prejudice against myself and forgetting where they come from....Please God help him

    My husband doesn’t know where his heart is, when he is home nothing else matter and he is happy.The evil has become really annoying in his mother and father.His mother posted many racist comments and also when I invited and pay for all her expenses to come to visit her son she talked bad about me while cooking her dinner at my own house; she brought to our house the evil and make unbalanced our life because she is jealous about us traveling and having a peaceful life.After both been in the military we just wanted to have peace for us and not to worry about anyone else business. Now we are always fighting because of their double faces way of life.Now the father is also contagious with the mom evil talk and the last time he called his son he said he needs to leave everything and go to them; not enough said to his son who was already in distress because of his mother when he dropped a bigger evil thing to said to him that he needs to be a man and leave that fucking immigrant.
    I am supposed to be that when they are the one coming as immigrant without any papers and hiding from Italy.
    They don’t ever helped their son never in 6 years ; never celebrated with us our marriage never received no present from them; not even for his two surgeries. I never received phone call to find out if I need something if our bills are cover. I am covering everything for both of us since he was laid off his job and I never regretted because he always helped me with anything else; i took care of him; feed him and get all his clothes and especial needs and now I am treated like that! I am doing everything for my husband I am being the main financial support and I never talked about that to anyone because that is our business as a couple but my family in law wants to know everything and why!!! I pray that God will open his ( husband)mind to see what the evil in them is doing to our relationship and our family. We dont have peace at our own house when they call; is like receiving a negative wave after they called. My husband even said he wants to live in other countries to scape from them but now they said so many thing to him he feels less then a man and he left the house to go because his father send him money to go.His father is willing to break our family as he did with his wife. The father is engage to the 5th women and that is the education he wants to teach his family.
    I just want all of you to pray for us so we can get reunited beacuse I am sure God doesn’t want us to live apart ..we just want to be happy and with them getting into our life is impossible.
    They don’t believe in him; he got a new job now and also got accepted to further get other education and his own father said to him to leave everything because hi is only good with his hand. I want my husband to listen to go and my prayers to him to come back home.God I know you are with me in this horrible time but I am hopeful my husband will come back home soon to our house to our family and to our dreams .
    If you want to pray for us please do so; I am alone in this time and during Christmas is even worse .
    Bless us God

  10. I pray restoration

    I know Wat it feels wife has left me with 2 children and left.she said she is going 2 make a beta life 4 us but it’s worse.we dnt hear from her nor do we even know where she lives.i love her so much nd just want her back.i feel like god is not hearing my prayer cos y we’d god bring division instead of unity

  11. Prayer for my husband to return too

    Iam also praying that prayer. My husband has left home and left 4 kids and I’m pregnant now.. I pray that ur prayer be answer.. Just like I pray my do too.. It’s harder on me cause I’m 8mths pregnant and it just has me burden down.. I ask that you also pray for me.. Don Martin is his name and Iam Christy Martin.. Thanks

  12. Prayers Needed

    I need prayers for the return of my husband his heart is so cold. Please pray for me I am having a very hard time.

  13. Prayer restoration for my marriage and for god to soften my husband heart.

    Please im asking for my marriage to be restored as well as my husband to return with self respect as well to respect his wife.My husband has made me SECONDARY when all i did was make him primary.Everyone goes through things but my husband is turning his back on me with bad intentions.I have been by this man side for the longest.My husband is a MANIPULATOR and wants everyone to look at me to be a negative person when im not.Please HELP pray for me that me and my husband can rebuild our foundation to be a happy couple again,please help PRAY for us that anything thats negative standing in the way of my husband thoughts of being with me that the lord will block any and everything thats holding him back.Please give my husband a listening ear of understanding my pain to come home and consider my feelings.Please lord give me strength to get through this hard time to deal with this situation please.Touch my husband lord and soften his heart for the very one person that really care about him and his feelings when nobody did.Please turn this battle into a FORCE so me and my husband can get through this together.Please cover my marriage with your blood lord in JESUS NAME AMEN.

  14. Jehovah please

    I pray that my husband return to me and his kids after leaving when times got rough but I have forgiven him already I just want my family back and keep moving forward. We are still having sexual relations and remind each other how much we love each other but he still wants to be at another woman house… Plz pray him back. Our kids miss him and he don’t care

  15. My Lord please return my husband home

    My Lord please return my husband back home to me.My Lord remove attitude,wave and angry he have in his heart for me.I did do my husband nothing .My Lord my husband do not trust me because the wrong he was doing in the street also listen to his family over me .My Lord I forgiven my husband because I can’t walk around with hatred in my heart for nobody I do love him and I care too.My Lord I know what I did wrong try fix our marriage because I love him but he have understand his wife come first not last.I miss him with all my heart I can’t sleep think about him everyday.I hope and prayer he walk in front door say he ready to come home.My Lord ready put past behind us move forward in our marriage need tell him family this my wife y’all respect no more lie on her.Amen.

  16. prayer

    everyone please pray for Octavia for her husband Jaylon to come back and return to his wife and kids and to leave this 37 year old woman who is also married to leave Jaylon alone in the name of Jesus

  17. Please pray for the love of my life and father of my children to come back to me and our kids

    Please lord guide my husband in the right direction in life, please push him away from all the bad influences and females who try to get in between us. Guide him to see what is really worth having (wife and kids) not friends. Please god do not allow him to turn his back on his kids and I and have him realize my worth. Do not allow him to stop loving us. God please help m understand him and not get mad at the person he is right now, as I am sure this is not the person I fell in love. Please do not allow him to make the mistake of breaking this family apart. My 6 year old son Brian, 1 year old daughter Natalia and myself need him to be apart of our family. Although I am now moving out with our kids and giving him his space , please god help him realize that I am moving with our children because he kicked me out of his home. Please take away the idea from his head of taking me to court to fight for our kids. Please god I beg you to please have him change his mind and please allow him to move with us to Victorville CA. In return god I promise I will continue to teach my children about you and will one day testify my testimony to other individuals who are going through this same issue. I trust in you god. I put my family in your hands to hold tight together. Amen

  18. Anonymous but Praying

    Father which Art in Heaven,
    The only one and true living God, of all and over all. We bless your name for you are Great, you are I AM, that I AM.
    Father not only do I ask for your help in the restoration of my own marriage but in the marriages of everyone that ask for your help on these postings. Father, may we learn to have patience while you are doing the work. May we BELIEVE that you are working on our behalf and the only one that is Able to do it. We ask for your wisdom and understanding that you will allow separation for your purpose and Glory because it s all about you, Oh Lord. I pray that you bring comfort and peace. I pray that we will learn of you in our waiting. Strengthen us, comfort us. Stretch out your hand towards our spouses, deliver them from themselves and out of the hand of the harlot and enemies. Open their eyes that they may see and ears that they may hear. Arrest our spouses by the power of the holy spirit, give then a repentive and forgiving heart. Father give them a new heart, a new mind and remove the stoney heart and give a heart of flesh. Father, make the necessary changes in all involved and restore all back to you because you Love us and teach us how to truly love one another. All asked in Jesus Name.

  19. Pray for my Husband to Leave his lover , to appreciate his wife, his family and Let God Into his heart.

    Please pray that my husband will leave the path of darkness, of temptation, of cruel words, of lust and let Jesus enter his heart to lead him to the road to true love, the love of his wife and children, the one that holds a family together, and not the infatuation love he feels for his mistress.
    His heart is so confused and the enemy has entered into his mind and heart. Please, God, make him humble again, respectful, appreciative, caring for his family as he was before and lead him back to the road of home.
    In the name of Jesus, Amen

  20. Lord Thank you

    I am praying the same prayer and this have really helped me out , Trust and believe in Jesus name , When two or more are gathered he is present Lord God hear our humble cry .
    # Favored
    # Mercy
    # Grace

  21. husbands infidelity

    Please pray for me and my husband– i found out after 29 years of marriage that he was having an emotional affair (not sure if sexual) with a high school girlfriend that we both knew. It has devastated me. It has caused so much pain for me and our girls. He says he is no longer in contact with her but is not sure if he loves me. I’m seeing signs he may be still talking with her. We were having trouble in our relationship the past few years–he has an alcohol problem as well. I take my responsibility in all of this–I did not handle the issues I was having with our marriage in the correct way and shut him out. I pray everyday that the Lord will restore our broken marriage and the love that he once had for me. Any prayers over us that anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. God Bless.

  22. Sandra

    I pray for my husband Sherard Lord Jesus Christ Bing my husband back home . Father god I asked for your forgiveness I know that we have argue and fight you know my situation with my husband Lord Jesus Christ I love my husband it’s been 5 day’s that I didn’t see my husband no call from him please Lord Jesus help me with my relationship with my husband that we can forgive each other thank you father god in the name of Jesus amen

  23. Dear God

    Please let my husband see the light and hold no blame or fault just love and have him decide of his own free will to return to me. We don’t cheat but he is unhappy with me and doesn’t want to be with me any longer. He left 5 days ago and said he won’t be back. I am all alone except for you Lord I do have your love and I love you. Please Lord I am praying with all that I am that my husband sees the Light and come home to me. I pray that he does not have bad or negative thoughts toward me and he is filled with only love and kindness for our marriage. I pray he is not badly influenced by others and only seeks the truth in love and love for me his wife and we become stronger and more filled with love everyday. Dear God please forgive me for all my sins and know that I love you and I am looking to you for guidance.

  24. Please bring my husbands heart back

    Return him home to us and please restore our marriage and stop his selfishness.

  25. Pray for husband

    Please pray for my husband. He has never had a strong relationship with God and he has said he is leaving after 10 years of dating and 9 months of marriage. Please pray for his heart to be open to the lord and me and that he will move back home. Everyday for me i feel like I am fighting and praying harder than I ever have to get through and I am wrestling the enemy for my marriage. Please pray for strength for me and restoration in my marriage and my husbands heart and mind to be renewed

  26. Return george

    Please return my husband to me, it’s what I need but he’s been brainwashed fall in love with whores

  27. Pray for my husband Mr.P

    Please pray that my husband returns to his family with a open mind and heart. That he forgives his self and becomes the best man that I know that he can be. Let him know his family loves and misses him dearly. In Jesus name!

  28. Prayer for the return of my husband

    I need my husband to return to our home tonight and never leave us marriage again .

  29. Thank You Wives

    Please pray my wife will find her way back to Christ. She has gone through menopause and now she is so heartless and cruel. I still love her and I won’t give up.

    Wives don’t give up on your husbands. I honor and respect all of my Christian sisters who are praying and waiting for their husbands to return to Christ.

    My prayers are with all of you. Love in Our God, Jack

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