Prayer for Restoration and Reconciliation

by Jada ()

I pray that god heal my heart and my ex boyfriends heart. I want him to remove every person in his life and thing in his life that is preventing him from following god. I pray that every manipulative, envious, evil, jealous and hateful spirit be removed from my life and his life. I pray that you remove the barriers and the blinders from his eyes. I pray that you show him the truth and remove everything from his life that is not like god. I pray that you heal his heart and his mind and give him rest and peace. I pray that you bring him back to me and let him be apologetic and understanding and let every heavy burden be lifted off of his shoulders. Every evil person and spirit that preys on him and me I ask that you cast them out and let them have no contact, no control and no power over him and his life. Protect him and keep him and show him the right path and reveal to him the truth about everything that has happened pertaining to our relationship and his life that was not right. Show him the path of righteousness and restore our relationship and reconcile us back to each other according to your will. In your name I pray Amen.

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