Prayer for restoration and open door

by Kelsie ()

I really, really miss my ex boyfriend. We broke up about three months ago and it was a really messy breakup, now he has me blocked on everything and we have no form of contact at all. It was my fault that we broke up because i was at a really low point in my life so i wasnt a good girlfriend to him. Ive done a lot of growing in these three months and ive been trying so hard to get over him but i just cant. I still love him and id do absolutely anything to have him back. He was so good to and for me and i took him for granted when i had him. Im scared its too late and ill never get another chance with him. Only a miracle could fix this, so ive been praying nonstop for about a month now for God to bring Justin back to me. Would you mind praying to God for favor and to restore my relationship with Justin? I know God is capable of opening all the doors needed and im begging him to soften Justins heart and lead it back to me so i can have a second chance to be a much better girlfriend because I just absolutely adore him. Adore. I know it sounds kind of pathetic but im desperate for God to open the doors needed to bring him back to me. i know what hes capable and i know he sees my heart and sees that i have nothing but pure intentions , how just how insanely deeply within my soul i love Justin and want him back asap. In jesus name.

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