Prayer for resolution to family problems

by Mellow ()

Dear Lord God,

I pray for your Divine Intervention to resolve all our problems in the family that we’re facing recently. We have a lot of experiences in the past which have resulted to deep heartaches, feelings of frustration and grudges. Please heal and strengthen each member of my family so that we will have the courage to forgive and move on with our lives as one united family.

Lord, I ask to Thee for forgiveness for our failure to make ourselves open to one another, for letting our pride prevail within us and for being pessimistic. I pray that each of us will be bless with more patience, apprehension, good communication and predominant love.

May all the families in the world especially experiencing broken family relationships, depression, addiction, agitation and other relationship problems be resolved and entirely healed by our Almighty God.

I ask and pray to Thee through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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  1. my short letter of gratitude

    I want to thank all for posting my prayer request and helping me pray not only for my family, also to others whose experiencing such problems. Recently, i have received good news from God and i’m grateful for all your help. Gradually, our problems have been given resolution and i’m looking forward for us to live harmoniously together, it may not be in one household however, we’ll be at peace.
    I’ve learned that we should live with faith, in order for us to enjoy and live a worry free life. God is Good all the time! May God bless everyone.

  2. prayer for my family

    our family has been under a lot of presure and a recent argument between my daughter and husband has uncovered some deep problems. I thank god for all he has done for us in the past and pray that he will intervene to help us heal, remove pride, face up to our mistakes and move forwards as one family who loves respects and cherishes each other. I also pray that He will uphold me as I am feeling very discouraged and unmotivated and sad that I did not know about these past issues which have caused heartache for my daughter growing up.
    I am feeling very weak and pray for emotional and mental strength at this time

  3. prayer for my family

    to my dear husband louie, have faith in GOD, He will listen to all your worries and trust Him that only Him can do everything! surrender all your troubles and let Him showered you with his glory and forgiveness! remember i’m always here to be with you always!

  4. My family unity

    Dear God,

    I thank for all the great things you have done in our lives and for your never ending love.

    My family needs you. Please don’t allow our pride, confusion and anger to make devastating decisions based on fear.

    I am asking you to please help my daughter see how much I love her and that being respectful towards my spouse is the right thing to do. I adore my daughter and I want her to be grateful and responsible. She is an amazing young 19 year old and needs you in her heart too.

    I thank you for all of your blessings. When my son was feeling anger, I prayed to you and now we are very happy once again and he is doing great. I wish you can do the same for my daughter and for my spouse to love one another once again….to feel love for each other.

    Allow me to accept your wish and give me the strenght to remain positive with hope.


  5. Prayer for Naheida and children

    Dear lord I lift up your precious holy name. You are so worthy of all the praise. Lord I ask for your help for Nahedia and her children they are in need of a place to live and ther lives have fallen apart because of a broken marriage. I ask that you will be there rock help there mother to find a peace in this situation and fight against all the warfare that wants to destroy her family. Jesus only you can fight our battles we can put hope in knowing that you always standing in the gap for us. You said you will never leave us or forsake us. In Jesus mighty name Amen.

  6. Prayer for family unity

    My family has so much bitterness, grudges,& division. Please pray for God’s intervention to end the division, remove the pride, help us to show love & forgive, & to be there for one another when needed to take care of and look out for one another… May God’s will be done, & please thank him for acknowledging this pray!

  7. Prayer for united and loving Family

    I pray for my family to remove all the past differences and hatred if any. Recently, my family has been living with problems related to love, finance and their differences in thinking which has come to level of great arguments and moving toward strong hatred . I do have faith in god that things will come to normal and my family will find a solution to our problems and move together to follow god’s path.
    I pray for all families to be together in all times whether good and bad and never loose hope and trust of each other and more important not to loose faith on Lord Jesus. God has plans for us and we need all guidance to follow it together. After all life is about all that.

    I pray for my dear Elizabeth to forgive for all my doings and God bring love in her heart towards life and family members and strengthen her faith on God.

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