Prayer For My Father To Get His Job At General Motors Back

by Matthew ()

I have cried out to God before when my father lost his job in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, and again the following year, in 2021; when my father again lost his job.
God had answered my prayer, and my cry for his help and intervention when my father wound up getting a job that he would love very much, a job at General Motors; what would turn out to be the best job that he’s ever had throughout his entire life and career.
All of my father’s bosses were amazed at my father’s stellar performance while on the job at General Motors, and my father has even filed four patents with General Motors in tandem with his colleagues, so that the profit from each of these four patents is shared between my father and his colleagues.
Just this weekend, General Motors had decided that they wanted to purge themselves of all (each and every single one) of their Contract White-Collar Engineering Positions, no matter the cost to the Design and Engineering Operations of their company. My father was a Contract worker, and when the big boss at the Contract House had called my father to relay the bad news, in spite of my father’s stellar performance on the job and all that he has done for General Motors; the big boss had mentioned to my father that he did not want to have to do this to my father, and the big boss had to subsequently make Phone calls to approximately 600 other Contract workers to relay to them the same bad news that he had to relay to my father.
Prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic, my father had stable employment with PPG Industries for 12 years from 1989-2001, and then with Saint-Gobain Corporation from 2001, until they laid him off in April, 2020 with the advent of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
We can’t afford for my father to be unemployed as it is, and we really need a new House; which we were planning on purchasing with the income earned by my father before he was laid off.
I am a Trader in the Stock Market, and I am also a Book Author. However, the Income that I earn from the Stock Market and as a Book Author is far less than what is necessary to support my parents and I, much less keep our current lifestyle.
As a result, I am asking for you to pray that my father is to be rehired by General Motors, or that my father is able to get another job.

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