Prayer for my family

by Dianne Unknown (Toronto, On Canada)

In St. Jude & Jesus Pray my daughter and son-in-law and grandkids will always care and love about my Mom & I the way we do about them. They have changed since they moved far away to live near my daughters estranged father & his family.

She tells us she knows we will always love them. We are the only ones they can turn to when they need something, yet they worry more about the others. It hurts, when I raised my daughter alone with the help of my Mom & Late step-dad.

My daughter never knew her dad or did I receive child support. I got them together when she was almost 17, yet she had him on her bio in Facebook as her only “Parents” for a few yrs. My Mom told her that was not fare to me. It hurt so bad.

My daughters father wont even help them out financially when he gets alot of money. She excuses him saying hes not good with money. Yet they come to my Mom & I, especially my Mom. Both of us are on fixed incomes.

Pray both my daughter and son-in-law and the grandkids will start to feel for Mom & I more. For the past few days we had to phone them and they didn’t even care about calling us. Pray my daughter will quit worrying about impressing all these people, and show more concern for our feelings.

She says she knows Mom & I will always love them, but she knows her dad & his family wont, so thats why she will even was mean to Mom & I when we went to visit last yr. and made my Ex and his mother feel so important, she treated both my Mom & I terribly.

The hurtful thing was she never spoke up and told them, she wanted time alone with her Mom & Gramma. Pray my daughter will develope more courage and get her priorities straight. My Mom and I love them all and they hurt us terribly at times.


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