Prayer For My Child’s Troubled Marriage

Dear Lord, my children need Your help. They are in a troubled marriage. One filled with numerous stresses – my son is working two jobs, my daughter-in-law is exhausted caring for four young children, financial problems and stresses I am not even aware of.

They are on the brink of divorce.
You know their needs,Lord. Guide them in Your ways and give them strength and courage to follow Your path. Bring Your healing and peace to this family.
In Jesus name I pray.

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  1. Praying

    I pray In Jesus name healing is brought to this marriage! I pray a blessing is coming in their favor! God Bless

  2. Praying for your children

    Heavenly Father I come to you now and ask you to please intervene where this marriage is concerned. Help them to see the light at the end of the tunnel Lord and keep them in your ways. Give them the peace that only comes from you Lord. I pray that any hindrances on this marriage would be removed in the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray. AMEN

  3. broken marriage

    Lord please help my youngest son and his wife of 3 years bond their marriage together again help them to work together in this journey lord they have four little ones that need their mom and dad together in jesus name amen

  4. Prayer for daughter & son-in-law

    Please pray for my son-in-law who is so self centered and egotistical that he cannot see how he is hurting his wife. They have 3 children under age 2 which is stressful but he blames every problem on his wife.
    He refuses to help or learn how to help- he focuses on his next vacation or continuously says how they have no life with children. His wife would like to go to marriage counseling but he has a closed mind to that.
    He has professed he does not believe there is a God which makes things much worse because he ignores blessings and focuses on troubles, making a bleak, stressful home.
    His wife struggles daily around the clock and tries to keep her faith but has zero support from him.
    Pray for transfiguration of this husband’s heart, mind, and soul before this marriage crumbles further. Pray for strength for this wife, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

  5. Son's doubts

    Our son is engaged to a wonderful woman but is struggling with anxiety and doubts about their upcoming marriage. We pray for relief of his anxiety for a clearheaded mind as we works through his doubts, to come out on the other side with courage and conviction for their life ahead. We mostly pray for his state of mind, that he not make a mistake while in some dis-ordered thinking. You have brought him through the valleys before. We are grateful for all you have done for us in our lives. Give us courage and share those blessings with others.

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