Prayer for my brother in jail again

Lord as I come before you with a bowed head and raised arms asking that you have mercy on my brother. Touch him in a special way, Lord God. Heal his heart, his mind, his temper, Lord God. You said where ther are 2 or more in agreement that you are in the mist..

Lord God hear my petition and please forgive my brother for his wrongdoing and give him another chance…I have faith that you can do it Lord God..this is my prayer as I magnify you in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Spirit..Amen..

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  1. God answers

    Dear Lord i come before you this hour with a thanksgiving heart for the far you have been with my family, father i pray that u see through my brother in prison, forgive him his sins oh Lord,as he goes to the court tommorrow in the morning, Father go before him and level every mountain of difficult into plain ground, you are a Just Judge, Father be there for him. Let your will be done. Amen
    Thank you Lord for i know that Justice will one day prevail.

  2. I pray for my brother peter

    Please help me to pray for my brother peter he in jail for 3year

  3. Please pray for my brother Richard in jail again.

    Please pray for my brother who is in jail. He’s been accused of theft..He say that he’s innocent.

  4. Pry for my brother please god

    God I need your help please help my brother he go to court Monday and this is when he gets sentenced.😭😭

  5. Prayer for my brother in jail again

    Father God i first want to say thank you for all you have done. Thank you for being the Lord of lords and King of kings. Lord i petition my brother whom have been sentence 22 years for a crime that he cried to the judge he was innocent. Lord i ask that you step into the heart of the state and re-open his case and find loop holes and bring him home to his family. Lord my heart is heavy 😞 because it was unjust. Lord i know that you have a plan and purpose for all that you do and im thankful. Lord when you bring him please let him be with a peaceful mind a forgiving heart and great health. Thank you in advance in your most precious name Amen.

  6. Prayer for my brother in jail

    God,the Father..pls help my brother wiljune who is in jail now..forgive his wrong doings …pls give him another chance to live a free life..pls give him strenght to overcome this trials,that he will not lose hope..i hope that this is a good lesson to him..pls keep him away from danger inside the jail..i love you lord..& i ask this through christ our lord..amen..

  7. I don't see a way, but God has a way.

    Please heal my brother. Make him a better man. Get him out if this mess on June 29th, 2018. Lord don’t let him go to prison, keep him out of jail and off probation. He has been punished enough. Bless us with answers. Put the right people in front of him. Bless me with a peace I haven’t had in a decade.
    Your faithful servant.

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