Prayer for Job Transfer


Please lift up our family that my husband can receive the job that he is being considered for. We have 2 special needs children who do not have insurance. This position will not only be a substantial pay increase, but it will provide insurance for our entire family.

May God have mercy upon us and lead us to this path, if it is according to His will.

Thank you!

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  1. job transfer

    im praying hard so i will get the transfer very soon, the validity of the letter of trasnfer will be expired on 23/02/2015.
    I need also support prayers from my brothers and sisters in christ.
    Im looking forward for new office(department) where there is uinty, frienship, prosperity and peace loving people around.
    Dear lord Jesus, please hear and answer my prayers, i ask this through christ our lord, amen.

  2. prayer for an immediate job transfer

    dear Lord My God, My redeemer, I come to you in join prayer with my friend. Lord I pray to u today to grant me a job transfer to Ermelo so I can be with the child you have blessed me with, it is very difficult to cope, it brings sadness to my heart that am unable to raise my child. I know and grateful that my mother in-law is caring for her. but God I need to be there for her at all times and teach her your wonderful ways. Lord right now as I travel a lot to go visit my child I find difficulties to go to ur house and praise u, I cant even spend time with my family, all this is troubling my heart so much, Lord please hear my cry and deliver me from my trouble. all I want is to be mother to the child you have blessed me with. in all my wants and request to you let your will be done.

  3. job trasnfer

    I am praying and crying for me to be given the job transfer soon. I missed my house which is close at the north. Please God attend to my prayer

  4. urgent job transfer

    please God, i need transfer to go to lusaka where my husband and children are. let me go and take up the responsbility of a mother and wife. im too lonely where iam and i feel useless that i hav chosen money over family. but what can i do the job helps me take care of my mother and pay children’s schoo fees. please jehova. let it be sorted out tomorrow once and for all. Holy spirit appeace the hearts of those who can help me and remove every obstacles.

  5. job transfer

    My God and My Lord,I praise you always…My Husband is struggling by Evil Spirits.We want a Permenant Job Location far from Native Place.He is going to meet his superier officer to request better job location today.
    I request you Lord,in the name of Jesus Christ,kibdly give my husband a permanent office far from native place.

    Thank you Lord,Thank you Jesus.

    Virgin Mary please pray for my husband to Jesus.


  6. Prayer for Job Transfer

    Oh My God,

    Save me My Family From Evil.Strengthen us on what we are struggling. I want My hudband settle down in a permanent job place.
    Please arrange a good working place in Trissur for My Husband.God he is physically and mentally weak.High BP annoying Him. Struggles from Surroundings.

    St.Mary please request to Jesus for my Husband.

  7. Prayer required for JOB change and transfer to my desired location


    I need a job change and transfer to Bangalore by next year 2019 Jan or Feb.
    I want to work for a good cultured organisation and under good people.
    I am currently working but the people whom I am reporting to are not having good ethics.
    They are trying to cheat and If one doesn’t support them than they are cornered.I am afraid and I don’t like to do any unethical job.I have just joined this organisation and I don’t want to leave immediately.My one year will get completed by end of this year.
    Please pray for my request,I need job change by next year Jan,maximum by Feb.

    Thank You

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