Prayer for ivf to be successful and get pregnant.

by Mrs J (U.K)

In Jesus Name. Heavenly father. we commit the procedure we are about to start into your hands. Please perfect it, use the nurses and doctors to your glory. Let the medication work positively, take control of every step we pray. Please God prepare my body.

Let the procedure result in positive pregnancy result. Pls let me carry health pregnancies to term. Let me me healthy, no complications, no miscarriage or any abnormalty. Let me deliver like the Hebrew women. At the end all glory will come to you in Jesus name. Amen

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  1. For My Daughter.

    Praying at Holy Hour while my daughter is undergoing IVF and didn’t know what to pray other than a lot of Hail Mary’s. I googled and feel so fortunate to have been lead to this prayer. It was so calming to me. God and google work well together . Amen

  2. Prayer for ivf to be successful and get pregnant

    Iam undergoing IVF treatment next month i.e, march 2018, Kindly bless me that IVF should be success and 0 to 9 months shuld go smoothly without any complications and shuld deliver baby girl.

    THanks for your support

  3. Successful ivf

    I’m hope happy to come across this prayer. My ivf egg retrieval is tomorrow morning. Jan 39 2018. I found comfort in this prayer. Thank you

  4. Successful IVF

    I am joining you in this prayer and in agreement for God’s miracle upon us and all those who are in this process. I start my Oral Contraceptive Pills today in build up for stimulation. We had a failed micro IVF last month and I was so heartbroken. I am trusting God that this cycle will be our cycle. Father Lord you see and hear the desire for a child in your faithful servants, may our prayers bring forth the manifestation of miracle babies. I come against all obstacles and all forces that may stand in the way of your blessings. In Jesus mighty name I pray and believe. Amen.

  5. Prayer for ivf

    In Jesus name, Lord almighty, please bless my wife and I with successfull safe healthy pregnancy through Ivf, bless over the doctors and staff , and make your presence felt by us all, grant us the miracle of a second child and may you be glorified in this. Give us strong faith that in what ever happens your are always good to us, we thank you in Christ that we can come to you as your children and ask for all things. Amen

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