Prayer for ivf to be successful and get pregnant.

by Mrs J (U.K)

In Jesus Name. Heavenly father. we commit the procedure we are about to start into your hands. Please perfect it, use the nurses and doctors to your glory. Let the medication work positively, take control of every step we pray. Please God prepare my body.

Let the procedure result in positive pregnancy result. Pls let me carry health pregnancies to term. Let me me healthy, no complications, no miscarriage or any abnormalty. Let me deliver like the Hebrew women. At the end all glory will come to you in Jesus name. Amen

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  1. For My Daughter.

    Praying at Holy Hour while my daughter is undergoing IVF and didn’t know what to pray other than a lot of Hail Mary’s. I googled and feel so fortunate to have been lead to this prayer. It was so calming to me. God and google work well together . Amen

  2. Prayer for ivf to be successful and get pregnant

    Iam undergoing IVF treatment next month i.e, march 2018, Kindly bless me that IVF should be success and 0 to 9 months shuld go smoothly without any complications and shuld deliver baby girl.

    THanks for your support

  3. Successful ivf

    I’m hope happy to come across this prayer. My ivf egg retrieval is tomorrow morning. Jan 39 2018. I found comfort in this prayer. Thank you

  4. Successful IVF

    I am joining you in this prayer and in agreement for God’s miracle upon us and all those who are in this process. I start my Oral Contraceptive Pills today in build up for stimulation. We had a failed micro IVF last month and I was so heartbroken. I am trusting God that this cycle will be our cycle. Father Lord you see and hear the desire for a child in your faithful servants, may our prayers bring forth the manifestation of miracle babies. I come against all obstacles and all forces that may stand in the way of your blessings. In Jesus mighty name I pray and believe. Amen.

  5. Prayer for ivf

    In Jesus name, Lord almighty, please bless my wife and I with successfull safe healthy pregnancy through Ivf, bless over the doctors and staff , and make your presence felt by us all, grant us the miracle of a second child and may you be glorified in this. Give us strong faith that in what ever happens your are always good to us, we thank you in Christ that we can come to you as your children and ask for all things. Amen

  6. Praying for my daughter

    For my daughter:
    She will be undergoing IVF treatment next month i.e, March 2018. Kindly bless her that IVF should be success and 0 to 9 months should go smoothly without any complications and should deliver a healthy baby.

  7. Praying for my daughter

    My daughter will be undergoing IVF treatment next month i.e, March 2018. Kindly bless her that IVF should be success and 0 to 9 months should go smoothly without any complications and should deliver a healthy baby.

  8. Successful IVF and Healthy Delivery

    Please help me pray for 3 fertilized eggs that were retreived just yesterday. I pray these 3 grow healthy and strong and that God blesses us with a great miracle…a healthy baby boy or girl. I trust and have faith that God’s will be done! His love is everlasting and no matter what, we will remember that.
    PS. I’m praying for you all on this thread 🙂

  9. Prayer for a successful IVF

    Dear God I thank you for the advances in medicine. I thank you because your word says that whatever we ask of you believing we shall recieve. Father I believe that there is nothing to hard for you to do. I declare that your mighty hand shall rest upon my two developing embryos. I declare that my IVF process is settled because you have made it so. I pray that my faith in you will continue to be strong, I will not waiver but I will hold firm to your word because my faith do not lie in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. I recieve a successful transfer and a BFP in Jesus name.
    I also pray for every family believing God for a successful IVF. May God grant you your heart desires in Jesus name.

  10. Thank you Jesus for your word

    Dear Lord…I come to you today in Thanksgiving for your word that tells us to cry out to you Lord through prayer the desires of our heart. Lord I cry out for all the couples currently going through the process of IVF that they may be blessed with healthy pregnancies and the delivery of healthy babies. I come to you today especially for the successful transfer of healthy babies to my daughter and healthy baby/babies for her and her husband. We serve an amazing God and you are the maker of all miracles Lord! Thank you for loving us and our children. Many blessings upon all of these future mommy’s and daddy’s and the beautiful children who will come into the world from this thread! In Jesus name, Amen

  11. Thank You Lord for Your mercies towards me

    Ancient of days as I go through this IVF procedure in this month of May, I pray that you make it a success. I commit d doctors and nurses into Your Hands Lord. Use them for Your glory. Father Your word says Non shall be barren in the Land. my womb shall carry healthy babies to full term cos Your word will never return to You void without accomplishments. Thank You Lord for answered prayers in Jesus Name. Amen

  12. Ivf for my daughter

    Please join me in prayer for my daughter to have a successful ivf on this, the third try.

  13. Ivf

    Thank you for the prayer, am going to the Lab now for the procedure. I know God has answered my prayers.

  14. Powerful prayer

    Thank u 4 such a powerful prayer I just did ET now , I trust God has done all the work.

  15. praying for my 3 embryos to grow and make it to transfer and create a health pregnancy

    Thank you all for sharing. I had an egg retreval yesterday and pray that the 3 fertilized embryos make it to transfer and create a healthy pregnancy. good luck to you all.

  16. 2 week wait period lifting my family to you

    Going through 2 week wait period after our FET. Please bless us Lord. Our daughter really wants a baby brother or sister. You and you alone can make miracles happen. Amen.

  17. Succesful IVF

    That my son and daughter in law have a succesful IVF next week. And for a heathy pregnancy. With Gods willing.
    Pray for them.

  18. God’s will

    Please lift us in prayer as we have our transfer this afternoon. It’s has been a long journey for us but we are faithful and know God trusts us with this testimony. We are hopeful that this is our turn to become a mom and dad to one of his precious children chosen by Him. Thank you, Lord, for placing this desire in our hearts. We know this is your Will and to you all the glory. Amen.

  19. Successful Ivf in full term

    Dear our beloved God.We come before you asking for your Meecy and favor as I am about to be transferred the embryos in my womb.let them be attached and grow heath without any challenges and be delivery at a full term (9months). I glorify you Jesus because I believe in you.Nothing is impossible in Jesus name. And let all women praying for the fruits of womb to be successful.
    Thank you Jesus

  20. For my sister

    Please pray for my sister, for a successful transfer of two embryos today. God bless her and her husband with a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery. We have faith that God’s will, be done. We will have all reasons to give God all glory IJMN!!

  21. Prayer for a successful Frozen Embryo Transfer

    My dear almighty Father, thank you for being with us this far. Im about to do frozen embryo transfer on 26/9/18. I pray to you that my four embryos are growing well and healthy and please perfect the transfer. I also pray that I am able to sustain a successful pregnancy from 0 to 9 months with no complications. Amen.

  22. 2 week wait

    Please help me pray for my frozen embryo to implant tonight or tomorrow! Please help me pray to receive positive news on Friday the 26th, when they will draw my blood to test for pregnancy! Please help me pray for a healthy pregnancy and healthy delivery of a healthy baby 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Thanks so much and amen!

  23. My niece is undergoing IVF tomorrow

    Dear Lord, my niece had a miscarriage last month and is now going for IVF. Please let her receive positive results and the birth of a healthy, beautiful baby. Thank you for all you do for us.

  24. Lyndon

    My wife is undergoing a transfer now. Please join me in praying for a successful transfer and a full term pregnancy without any complications. Jesus thank you for the medical advancements. Thank you for the doctors and sisters who is working at your will and through your assistance. Make the process successful and bless our family. We Ask this through Jesus name. Amen!!!

  25. Praying for a successful IVF

    Dear Lord, I come to you father to you with tears in my eyes to ask for your blessing for the doctor, nurses, technicians that will be in charge of the eggs that are being thaw today. Father I put my trust in you that you keep these safe and that each day these develop and grow into beautiful healthy embryos and that you will bless my husband and I with a beautiful healthy baby/babies. Thank you father in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen!

  26. Prayer for my embryos

    Dear God, I pray to you that the 3 eggs retrieved today become healthy strong embryos and you help the doctors, nurses and technicians in having the ET succusseful and we become parents of a healthy baby. We have all our faith in you and I pray for success with all families going thru this process. In Jesus’ name, amen.


    Lord, I look up unto you as the author and finisher of my faith. I pray this day that this one you have started with me will be successfully completed in your mighty name.

    Take absolute control on Lord on ALL the procedure and make my life a testimony.


  28. I believe

    I believe that God is present and hears our prayers. I thank God first and foremost for everything. For my mothers health and for such a wonderful husband. I pray to God almighty to grant me and my husband healthy and normal babies. That my IVF cycle this month is successful in producing healthy and normal embryos that will develop normally in me for 9 months. I have consecrated my children to our Lord. Just as Hannah in the Bible did when she begged God for children and the Lord heard her cries. Hear my cries Lord and grant me a family of my own. Bless my mothers body that she may continue to be healthy and have the joy of being a grandma to my children. I pray this with the intercession of our blessed mother Mary, St Joseph, St Peregrina, St Philomena, St Rita od Cascia, St Ann and St Jouquim who also begged you for a child, St Padre Pio and all the holy saints and angels. I believe in your love, your mercy and your power of healing. Heal me and the women that are struggling to have a child and bless us in your name our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. AMEN.

  29. Prayer request for suceesful IVF

    Dear Almighty God…We Praise you, adore you, we LOVE you. We have frozen 8 Embryos from last two cycles. We ask you LORD bless these Embryos with your mighty and miracle hand. These embryos will be transferred next week. Lord bless all the doctors, nurses who are involved in this process. Bless all the medication which we are undergoing. Bless us with healthy babies and make our family complete. Thank you Lord JESUS… We LOVE you Jesus.

  30. Sperm retrieval for IVF

    Dear Lord, I know am a sinner. Please have mercy on me, forgive me and hold not my iniquities against me as we proceed with egg and sperm retrieval today.

    Bless the egg and sperm, let them fertilize, let transfer to my wife’s womb be successful. In 9months time after a successful pregnancy, we will deliver our bab(ies), In Jesus Name(Amen). Thank you for you are our baby maker.

  31. Prayers for success ivf dp

    Dear lord my daughter will receive embryo sometime soon please bless her and husband with comforting light hope throughout this miracle procedure, to embrace with love of your blessing for her to be a mummy daddy .thankyou lord we as a family will feel so blessed.

  32. Praying for positive outcome

    In Jesus Name; I pray for my positive results after IVF Transger, I believe in miracles and I know God is performing one in my body right now. Mother Mary please intercede for me. Thank You Jesus for answering my prayers. Amen

  33. Prayer for a successful IVF

    Dear Lord I pray for mercy and for the blessings of a successful IVF journey. May I be blessed with triplets. In Jesus name

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