Prayer for Immediate Employment

by Kanecia (Atlanta, GA)

Lord, you know I am not perfect and fall short every day of my life but, I want to take time out to say THANK YOU for your mercy. Lord, I pray to you today that you hear my cry for your help and your blessing of Immediate Employment. Lord you know my struggles and I have been searching for employment for quite some time now with little to no results.

I am praying for your guidance in finding a job that will make good use of the skills you have given me. Lord I also ask that you speak to me and that I hear you clearly on the right decisions to make in my life that will get me closer to the plan you have in-store for me.
Lord I’ve been told “ask and you shall receive”. I surrender my troubles and worries to you Lord and I trust that you will meet all my needs.
Thank You Lord! Amen

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  1. Immediate employment

    Lord thank you for your guidance. Thank you that I passed the exam and was called for immediate interview. I know Lord that you are always with me. Without you, I could not pass the exam. I am very grateful for guiding my hands and my mind for the right answers.

    And also, thank you for guiding me in the interview, Thank you for teaching me the right words to say to the interviewers. You enlighten my mind and kept me calm during the process.

    Lord, I now ask for immediate employment. You, know my employment in this agency will help me financially. In return Lord, Guide me again to use your gifts to share your love to others. May I be the perfect fit for the position I am applying for.

  2. Please help

    my husband has been out of work for almost 3 months.I am going to a church as soon to ask for hlp so my electric is not cut off. havent been able to apy in months, I dont barley eat so my son has enough. Lord I have been on my hands and knees begging you for someone to take a chance on hiring him. Our car is barley running.I have ben asking you for months for just one sign company to call him back for an interview or the place that said a few weeks actually keep there word. It will chance everything. If you could please please. I can focus on my son and doing good again. I want to be the postion to help others again. I really NEED you know lord. I really do. i have not had a good life,I have not had may blessing ,but you did bless me with my son and i want to do right by him please let his dad get this job so I can have peace again ,I can be there for my son like he deserves again. PLEASE PLEASE lord PLEASE


    My husband has been out of work for 3 months. We are getting ready to lose EVERYTHING. PLEASE let one of the sign companies call today to hire him so My son and I can have a future. He has speciAL needs and needs a stable enivorment and home. Please god ,please help us. All he needs is a chance to earn a decent living again. PLEASE PLEASE let someone give him a chance.

  4. In serious need

    Desperate for immediate employment

    It is dehumanizing not to have income to buy food to eat

    pay mortgage

    electricty bill



    repair plumbing in one’s house

    without water you cannot even clean the house

    buy rate poison etc.

    I know now about suffering

    and understand people’s pain

  5. Immediate employment

    God please help me get employment in my Electrical engineering field in Jesus Christ name Amen. Let not my will but your will be done Amen.

  6. Serious Need

    Older person in need of immediate employment. I know they have “rules” stating no age discrimination BUT that’s what’s happening. My husband is diabetic, has had a stroke, and we’re behind on our bills. I’m at my wit’s end. Please Lord, show me where to apply and where to get hired. I know we can’t do this alone, we have to have Your help. Amen

  7. Immediate Employment

    Lord, I have been laid off without reason or explanation after three years, I need a job to pay rent, eletricity and buy groceries, my credit card is over the limit and I seem to have no luck finding another job. Please lord have mercy on us your children and bless us with employment so we too can help others in need. In Jesus’s name, Amen.

  8. Immediate employment

    I need an urgent job oppurtunity, my visa will be cancelled early May . My daughter is under my sponsorship, her studies will be affected, please please god have mercy need a miracle , my last hope to survival … am losing hope in life … I need your support help I beg you desperately

  9. Quitting at the age of 50

    Lots of my friends told me that I will not get hired at my age. I have faith and believes in the Lord. I know that the Lord has plans for me.
    Please pray that I will be employed soon.
    Thank you Lord.


    My daughter is in desperate need of a job. She has applied in so many places. Her name is Roxanne. She has been out of work for 12 months now. Her accounts her car and everything else is on hold . She is desperate, please pray for her

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