Prayer for Help me to get my job back

by Wendells (Canada)

Please intercede on my behalf and ask the Lord our Father to return me to my former place of employment. May my Former employer see the truth and be come aware of the lies the supervisor spoke and reverse their decision to fire me.

I wish to be reunited and work with my former coworkers whom I got along so well, once more. I wish my former supervisor be punished for the abuse he rendered unto me.

Please St. Jude, I am in desperate need of your help in this impossible situation. I ask for this in our Lord, Jesus Christs’ Name.

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  1. Go forth

    I pray for you this morning
    Do not wish harm to others
    Forgive and let go only then will
    You be free to let Jesus work in your
    Life whether this job or a future job
    Seize the day with your partner Jesud

  2. Job

    I was let go on May 15 of my Job that I work at in the cashier department at a car dealership. I had Just receive a review in March and the Manager said I was a team player and I did my work good and keep up with everything and that I dress well.I work with another lady that came in to relieve me for lunch and I thought well. Then the manager moved one of the receptionist (which is her friend daughter) to be the title clerk and found out she lied on her resume, than that’s when she moved her to the cashier department with the other lady and myself, Then May 15 I was let go because the manager said I didn’t get alone with the other cashier, I thought everything was good. I enjoyed working for this company and will like to be employed back there. I know GOD can get me back there with the same position,department and hours.I have been praying since May 15 and nothing as of today, I know GOD answer prayers because he answered my prayer when my Dad and Mom was sick.I just pray every single day and night that my Manager call me back. Will you please pray that my Job is restored.
    Thank You
    Amen 🙏 🙏

  3. I Pray with yiu

    I pray with you. I am in the same situation and I have been praying and asking God to touch their hearts and open their eyes to what has happen. I love my job and I have so many people depending on me financially. Pray for me and I will pray for you. Please post outcome

  4. Pray for me please to get back my job

    I had been terminated because they say I lack a CSEC in Information Technology but was given the directives not to take it because my POB will replace it. Unfortunately it didn’t and was terminated because of that. I was working for 9 years 10 months 2 months before getting my gratuity I was let go. Kindly pray for me to get back my job as it was not my fault for this error.

  5. Losing a job

    Please pray that my future fiancé gets his job back. Please let the people see the light that he did nothing wrong and he deserve a chance to show he is a good employee please Lord let the person who makes the decision see that he is a good worker and deserves a chance! Please Lord come through there eyes and see that Caleb is Christ like! Please Lord let him keep his job! We love u

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