Prayer for health, complete healing and restful sleep.

by Tiffany (Cleveland, OH USA)

Dear Heavenly Father and Our Ultimate Healer, Lord Jesus Christ,

I pray for complete healing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. I pray for spiritual, emotional, and physical healing.

Although the doctors do not know exactly what is going on, I pray that I be restored to perfect health and that you return my sleep to perfect restorative and restful sleep every night as you had originally intended.

I also pray that you remove all fears and doubts I have in You and Your healing power. Please allow me to experience your peace, joy and unconditional love. I pray for these miracles in Jesus’ name and I thank You, God, for all the health and blessings You have given to me so far.


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  1. Faith

    Good morning Tiffany

    I pray for you today

    I know you are strong and a good person

    Jesus hears you

    Please go to church each Sunday

    If you have not been in a long time

    Don’t worry just go

  2. Lost my ability to sleep

    I have been praying for three years to get my natural ability to sleep back. Please could people please pray for me. I have to use pills every night and sometimes they don’t work and I’m not getting restful sleep. My brain feels sore and inflamed.
    The doctors keep telling me that I’m depressed and gives me antidepressants. They don’t put me off to sleep. I’m using prescription narcotics and sometimes they don’t work. I went a month without ANY pill working in 2014. I really want my life back. Life is so beautiful and I’m missing out on everything. I’m such a happy and appreciative person. I was grateful to God for everything even the small things. All I wAnt is my natural sleep back. Please pray for me.

  3. Please keep me in your prayers

    I been having throat problems for 3 in half week feels like i cant inhale my astmah inhailor now and i been having all sorts of symtoms and im on hold till febuary 3rd to see ear nose and throat

  4. Prayers for good quality deep sleep

    Hi ash and Maggie,
    I am currently having the same situation as you guys. I could not have good quality deep sleep for the past 10 years. Will feel very heaty throughout my body when I sleep at night. The morning I woke up, can feel that I did not sleep at all, blood pressure very high, very restless throughout.
    Believe in god for your healing touch. I believe one day all our pain and sickness will be gone. Stay strong guys. Guard your heart and don’t be disheartened, keep praying!
    God bless.

  5. Sleep and diet

    Comment from London, when we are sick. We need to look closely at our lives. Sickness reminds us to be in be in the now with God. If you cannot sleep look at what you put in your mouth. God’s food is on earth, it comes from the soil filled with natural nutrition & mineral. Eat from the earth. Remove man made foods. Eating banana is sedative.come to God, share it with him. Sleep will return. God is the greatest healer, protector and just believe you will sleep and God will come to you. Have a blessed day and stay close to the great man.

  6. I feel what most of you just said

    I’m tired exhausted sleepless – all the above. Somehow functioning. Heavy eyes, tense shoulder and neck muscles.

  7. Feel the same

    I stop med for 4 days now and experiencing the withdrwal systoms. O would not skerp .Please pray for me. I have been on med for 10 yrs depressed anxiety …
    Readers include me. I need prayers SOS.
    O feel so awful….
    To God my healer thank you so much .You are a great healer

  8. Asking for prayers

    Thank you for posting this prayer, trying to become closer to our lord. Will pray for everyone in comments, asking for prayers for sleep and comfort during sickness

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