Prayer for confidence & good leadership

by Keth (Qld Australia)

Dear Lord Almighty,
I come humbly before you, lifting up all my fears, doubts and anxieties and asking that you send forth your Holy Spirit to fill my mind with positive thoughts and my heart with faith that I can do things according to your will and stop feeling inferior & doubting my capabilities. Help me to accomplish everything I need to do, and in so doing, be instrumental in the learning of others as well as in the healing of others. Grant O Lord that I can demonstrate good leadership and can praise you in others and through others. I am grateful Lord for every single blessing in my life & for every opportunity you present me to be a better person everyday. Please help me to be calm, collected, confident with my job and role, and most especially be at peace with myself and everyone around me. This I pray in Jesus name. Amen.