Prayer for abundance

by David Wood (Charlotte NC)

I have been a millionaire over 5 times. I am now almost destitute for reasons I cannot explain. I have suffered financial setback now for almost 7 years.

I am very talented, energetic, and resourceful but it seems money eludes me. I get large paying clients and then they suddenly cancel?

I have sought Jesus over and over but no change. I have examined myself and have found many problems in my character which may be the cause, so I work on them and try to correct the behavior but still no change in the money situation.

It seems that this season will never ever end. I am exasperated and worn down. I know Jesus does not want His own to live in desparation. Please if you really mean what you say about 1000’s praying for me then by all means pray for me. I NEED HELP!

Prayer request: Jesus help David Wood break the financial drought upon his life so that he can help his family, give to others, and function as a provider. Touch his life today and allow abundance to flow again. Show him what he must do to obtain your blessing. Remove these barriers and give him ears to hear your instructions for him.


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  1. Me too!!

    I pretty much like David have tried everything, but it seems money continues to elude me. I’ve given myself to the church because I have an abundance of talent. The bible says, with much is given much is expected. To only find out that the church community continue to use me. I have gone back to school to only accumilate an enormous amount of dept to find out that no one wants to hire a 53 year old educated guy. Now I live with my daughter and husband to help them with there son, exaulsted my unemployment. Tons of great Ideas and songs that I’ve writen but no money to invest. Why am I here? Please pray for abundance for me as I pray for myself. I’ll pray for David as well.

  2. Prayer for David and His Family

    David I know exactly what you are going through.

    Please Lord I pray that you help David to break free of this financial darkness and reward his desire, talent and hard work with fruit for his family and himself once again, Amen.

  3. Prayer

    Dear Father God,

    I pray for David and his family to gain the financial prosperity He once had. I rebuke all forms of pride in the name of Jesus. Lord, You said it any man doesn’t work, neither should He eat. David desires to work, give him the knowledge of whatever it is that stands in the way of his prosperity in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus against any form of evil working against him and his family. Amen

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