Prayer for a positive pregnancy test.

(Ruston, La United States)

Father God,

I come to you this morning with my whole heart, father God I pray that you bless me witness a positive pregnancy test as when I go for my appointment in a few hours. God you have blessed me with everything I have needed and I turn to you for all things. God please bless me with children to raise according to your word. Please let it in your will that I am pregnant with my first child. In the name of Jesus I pray and I thank you God… Amen

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  1. Been trying to conceive for the past 5 years

    I’m on my way to buy a Pregnancy Test because lately I’ve been having symptoms. I’ve had symptoms previous times but everytime I check, I always get a negative test. I’ve been wanting a baby for a long time and I just can’t seem to get lucky. I really hope this prayer helps and I test positive. It’ll be a blessing and I’d be so very thankful. God please hear my prayer, I beg you. I Love You so much my lovely father, I really hope you do bless me with a miracle. That’s all I ask for my father. Amen.

  2. Thank you Lord

    We just got the result of my blood test, and its 405 hcg at 4 weeks. Thank you Lord for you wonderful gift. I read the prayer over and over while waiting for my result. Thank Father God.

  3. God will bless us

    Ive tried to get pregnant for a little while and me and my partner have been praying this month and have been seeing signs. We really pray god blessed us with a little miracle this month. And we thank God for everything and just hope this time the test comes out positive. We will be testing on the 7th.

  4. Need god give me a postive pregnancy test

    I want my god to.give me a postive pregnancy test i trying for a baby for my own and i getting this things of pregnancy please lord when i get my pregnancy test today please be postive thank you lord i need you now to give me a gift

  5. Mother requesting prayer for daughter

    My daughter goes today to find out if she is pregnant after two rounds of IVF. Please God make this a positive test, she and her husband would be perfect parents and so much love. This is something she wants more than anything. Please hear our prayers.

  6. Husband requesting prayer for wife to get Pregnant

    I want to pray for my wife Rita who is in the hospital with complications from iui. We get to find out if she is pregnant today. God please bless her womb like you did for ruth. Bless us with a child so we teach and raise this child in your wisdom you give to us. This and many Blessings we pray Amen.

  7. Praying for a positive

    I pray for a positive pregnancy test. I’ve pcos and have been struggling for years with trying to conceive. Recently I’ve gotten the symptoms but have yet to get a positive test. Please send prayers my way for a positive test thank you.

  8. Been trying for 8 years need a positive test please god

    Me and my fiancé have been trying to get pregnant for 8 years and I’ve missed a a/f before but it was negative I’m late again and I’m just praying that it’s a positive so please pray for me everyone I know god is in the making miracles business so I pray he is doing that for me I love u lord amen

  9. Praying for positive test

    I’ve been try for about a year diagosed with pcos when I was younger I pray that god has blessed me today been experiencing some symptoms not sure but I have faith that god will be in my favor.

  10. Praying 🙏🏽 For A Positive Pregnancy Test

    I Test At 6 Weeks Positive And Negative Hoping When I Go To My Appointment Tomorrow My Test Be Positive In The Name Of Jesus Amen I’m 9weeks 6 Days Hoping For Hreat News Thank You For Ya Blessing Father🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  11. Praying for a positive pregnancy tesr

    I pray tomorrow at my appointment I receive a positive pregnancy test. It is all I want in life.

  12. Praying to YOU, who has the POWER to make my dream come true!

    I am praying and hoping for a positive pregnancy test tomorrow. If you choose for me to be a mommy, I am praying for a healthy baby. If not, the strength to get through it!
    Please hear my prayer……

  13. Pray for a positive pregnancy test for my daughter!

    My daughter and her husband went through a round of IVF and only one egg out of the four that fertilized made it through. I am praying for a positive pregnancy test for them that takes place on Dec 3rd, this Monday. They would make the best parents in the world and this little bundle would be so loved and cherished. I pray to you God that you can grant this miracle that we want to happen. Thank you for listening to me.

  14. Praying For Faith

    Lord God, I know you hear my prayers. I know that you move in mysterious ways. Dear God I’ve lost two of my unborn babies…I’m coming to you because I don’t know what else to do. Having a child of my own, someone I can love and cherish is a blessing. I ask you that you have blessed my womb to be fruitful. I pray dear God that you bless me with a positive pregnancy test in 7 days. I ask that you use me as a vessel Lord. Prepare me for what is to come. Not just me Lord, I asked that you bless all of the women that are trying to conceive to conceive a child. Bless the US in your name Jesus. Father in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  15. Prayers for a positive pregnancy test!

    Lord God, I know you hear my prayers, you hear my husband’s prayers, my mother in laws prayers, our family friends prayers, our preachers prayers for my husband and I to get a positive pregnancy test with a healthy baby tomorrow on December 6, 2018! We have lost 3 Lord and I know you hear our cry to finally have a baby of ours together! We thank you Lord Jesus for the blessings you have given us and we give this decision to you and your will! Thank you and we love you Jesus! Amen.

  16. Today is the day praying the test is positive

    Been trying to conceive my whole entire childbearing life I haven’t yet had a positive test I have had dermoid cyst small fibroid molar pregnancies miscarriage and 3 surgeries with in the past 6 months to 4 years i am struggling holding on faith and pray that’s all I can do. The joy of holding smelling kissing loving your own seed is such beauty and I pray that me and Myles soon to be hubby are blessed to have our first born together his second and my first I’ll always love protect and keep my child with all he or she is needed. These symptoms I’m having is so strong and I pray that this is the day to get answers from Dr. Adam Cooper he’s awesome been trying his best to help me out with this matter. He knows I’ve been trying forever well at least for 4/5 years with him being my Obgyn he gave me prenatal vitamins in oct 3 2018 let me know to make an appointment with him in dec when I start my cycle. if and when it does it was very wacky nothing like a period I’ve ever had only when I wipe something I know tmi . I’m just so strongly positive on getting a positive test hold on to my faith and not letting go please father show me signs work wonders for our miracle we shall receive from you in your holy name Yahshua please Elohim let me be blessed with your blessing the blessing of life Amen 🙏 ps to all the mothers trying and families praying Our most high hears our cry’s he’s listening. He know the time hour and results just keep faith in him and all things will be great through Yahweh my (God). Just like the faith Abraham our father was blessed he and Sarah conceive Isaac (laughter) she couldn’t believe at the time when the messengers came and she laughed so Isaac was the name to be. I’m standing out on faith as if I am ab and sari.

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